Top-7 best parks in Los Angeles

Grand Park.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, from the Music Center on the west to City Hall on the east. This urban oasis is conventionally divided into several areas. There are fountains, pools, lawns and places to relax. The park is great for leisurely walks and sports, as well as for noisy outdoor events. The latter, by the way, are often held here. For more information about upcoming concerts and events, visit the official website.

Griffith Park.

One of the largest parks in North America is located in the Los Feliz suburb of Los Angeles. Griffith Park is a contrasting synthesis of wildlife and all kinds of entertainment. If your goal is a relaxing stroll, you can climb up to the observation deck to gaze at the famous “Hollywood” sign. In the evening, go to a concert in the amphitheater, which seats more than 5,500 people. By the way, it is often the place where stars of the first magnitude, such as Sting, Elton John and Paul McCartney, perform. Those who want to be active can go horseback riding, play golf or soccer.

There is also a playground, and in the summer you can swim in the pool. Hiking enthusiasts can explore a special trail from the observatory to the top of Mount Hollywood.

Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is located on the eastern slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is a favorite spot not only for tourists but also for celebrities who often go for a morning run here. The views from the peaks are breathtaking and include the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign. Hiking enthusiasts will love Runyon Canyon Park, which offers hiking trails of varying difficulty.

The main feature of the park is free entry with animals. Although the area has all the necessary supplies for cleaning up after pets, tourists often complain about the dirt and unpleasant smell. Food for snacks can be purchased at the entrance. Be prepared for the fact that there are no amenities within the park. Parking will also be a problem – a free space nearby is difficult to find.

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Palisades Park in Santa Monica

Palisades Park, located on the coast of Santa Monica, is a great place to enjoy the sunset and the Pacific Ocean. The park is great for walking along the coast, with plenty of benches, picnic areas, and trails for hiking trails. There are over 30 species of trees, a rose garden, and a pergola covered with plants. There is also a bronze sculpture of Arcadia Bandini de Stens Baker, a famous Los Angeles landowner who was considered one of the most beautiful women in California.

There are amenities and various cafes within the park, and smoking is prohibited here. Palisades Park is a great place for families if you don’t mind homeless people (tourists note that there are quite a few).

Echo Park

Echo Park is a densely populated neighborhood of more than 40,000 residents bordered by Elysian Valley, Silver Lake, Westlake, and Downtown. It is located just steps away from Chinatown and a short drive from Downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood is surrounded by four major freeways – 5th, 2nd, 110th and 101st. It is also home to the park of the same name. A large part of Echo Park is occupied by a large man-made lake. It is regularly cleaned, but the water in it is still not perfectly clear. In the center of the lake there is a tiny island, to which a bridge is thrown from the shore. Here you can feed the ducks, admire the lotus flowers and a little strange statue of a woman with her hands raised up.

Echo Park is a great place for jogging, walking, and picnics. You can rent a boat or try to catch fish in the lake.

Pershing Square Park.

Pershing Square Park in the heart of downtown Los Angeles offers entertainment and activities for all tastes. There are a variety of community events on the grounds: free concerts and film screenings four times a week in the summer, and an ice skating rink from November through January. Pershing Square even has salsa dancing! There are chess clubs in the park, with tournaments for both beginners and advanced players.

There are annual art exhibits on the grounds. And if you want a free yoga or zumba class, you’re here too.

Kenneth Hahn Community Park.

One of the largest public parks in Los Angeles is located on the Baldwin Hills Ridge. Kenneth Hahn is an ideal place for outdoor activities: you can play basketball, baseball, and volleyball on the sports fields. Hiking enthusiasts can choose special trails that offer breathtaking scenery.

Family vacations at Kenneth Hahn are great; while you play tennis, the kids can spend time on the playgrounds. For passive lovers, there’s a pond where you can go fishing. And for barbecues there are special places with tables and areas for bonfires. It takes 20 minutes by car or 1.5 hours by public transportation to Kenneth Hahn from Downtown.

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