Top 5 places to travel in winter

Winter as a season has long been fixed in the creation of people as something cold or cool, snowy, festive and even icy. A fabulous mood, snow and a vessel fascinate everyone for sure, but sometimes you want to brighten up the cold period with trips to where eternal summer is. Where is this eternal summer? Let’s see!


A state built of glass and metal in the middle of a hot desert. In summer it is too hot here, so much so that the air temperature rises to +50°C and above. This is an uncomfortable temperature for living and relaxing. But winter is the perfect time to travel to the land of luxury. The air temperature is +27°C, which allows you to swim comfortably in water with a temperature of +23°C. And, of course, you can also visit various unique places of entertainment here. Parks, high observation decks, excursions, trips to the desert and much more. So find Dubai sports cars rental and arrange a chic vacation for yourself! By the way, car rental services in Dubai are the best option for any traveler! Firstly, it is profitable to rent a car. Secondly, you choose exactly the model that you need specifically. Thirdly, car rental services themselves monitor the condition of cars, you do not need to spend money on maintenance while driving your own car need.


The Tanzanian island of Zanzibar has been gaining momentum in the tourist market for quite some time. In 2020, Zanzibar turned out to be particularly attractive due to the fact that it was allowed to enter its territory under a very simplified scheme that does not require special restrictions due to COVID-19. Since then, conditions have changed slightly: from May 4, 2021, tourists were still required to take Covid-tests beforehand, but this did not affect the popularity of the holiday destination. It is still quite difficult to find vacant seats in hotels, so take care of it in advance.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great destination for a warm holiday at any time of the year. The only negative is the rains in the western part of the summer, keep this in mind when planning a trip.

The most popular are the southern resorts – Hikkaduwe and Unawatuna which are just like st barts villas when it comes to luxury and lesuire. You can spend a vacation here all year round, adjusted for the fact that from May to October a strong wind blows in Hikkaduwa and the waves reach great heights. Sri Lanka is especially good in winter.


Absolutely everyone has heard about the Dominican Republic. Who hasn’t dreamed of going there? However, it is important to note that it is better not to visit the Dominican Republic until mid-autumn, because only after that the middle of autumn hurricane season ends here and a comfortable temperature suitable for rest comes. You can go to the beach from 6 o’clock in the morning, right after sunrise. This is a wonderful place for solitude, yoga, spiritual practices and just relaxation, specially if you book a villa like Turk and Caicos Villas.


A vacation to the Seychelles is far from the cheapest, but it is definitely worth spending money. The quality of holidays in the Seychelles deserves praise, the service has a really high quality. You will especially be delighted by the scenery around you. However, there is also a budget vacation on the islands. Guest houses are available at a price of only 750 USD with “breakfast” meals.

Here are 5 places on the planet that will make you feel the summer at any time of the year. It’s amazing, wonderful and very convenient! If you have long dreamed of spending winter holidays in the warmth and with the sun, choose a direction, pack your bags and hit the road! Have a good trip!

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