Top 3 Lucrative and Marketable Courses to Study in 2021

Choosing a professional path is often difficult and demanding because the decision you make can make or break you. There are thousands of degree programs available, but only a few are more profitable, marketable, and successful. Even if everyone has the freedom to pursue a specific course of study for a specific purpose, whether personal or influenced, the adage “one man’s food is another man’s poison” applies.

These classes were chosen based on a variety of important criteria and statistical findings. As a result, having this knowledge and information is critical as a potential student looking to enroll in a higher education institution in order to avoid later regret.


The concept of the world as a village is now widely accepted. According to Top Universities, a computer science degree covers the theoretical underpinnings of information and computing while also taking a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. Computer science is a tremendously rewarding and employable course because new technologies are created every day to improve and enhance both code and devices. Computer scientists are always in demand because technology is constantly needed in many areas of life, including commerce, agriculture, and medicine. The BLS predicts that employment in computer science will grow by 13% by 2026.

A computer scientist earns an annual salary of $118,380 on average. Another significant benefit of studying to become a computer scientist is that your salary may be higher depending on the number of years of experience you have in a specific area of computer science and information technology. However, you do not need any experience to make the most of best ca online casino.


The opportunity to work as a professional lawyer, providing legal advice and defending individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations in legal disputes, makes law another lucrative and worthwhile field of study.

Although a law degree does not guarantee success or a large salary right away, it does ensure job security, fulfillment, and a good wage package for 99.9% of graduates. The average annual salary for a lawyer is $120,910, and the BLS predicts that the employment of lawyers will grow by 6% between 2018 and 2028, nearly as fast as the average for all occupations.

Other benefits of pursuing a legal education include the opportunity to develop analytical and excellent reasoning skills, intellectual challenge, exposure to a diverse range of job opportunities, and respect as a lawyer after graduation.


Engineering is a broad field with many subfields. There are numerous options, including mechanical, electrical, petroleum, and aeronautical. Each of the engineering courses is distinct in its own way. Among engineering graduates, petroleum engineers have the highest-paying jobs. Their annual salaries range from $74,240 to $156,520, with stationary engineering earning the lowest average salary of $58,070.

Other benefits of studying engineering courses include prestige, professional development, the ability to apply the appropriate amount of skills to solve technical problems, and the opportunity to be creative in contributing to the ever-expanding technological world of australian casino. These benefits are in addition to the lucrative financial package offered by the engineering profession.

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