Top 3 BNB to BTC converters

The top most promising digital currencies for 2021 start with Bitcoin (BTC), which is the king of the crypto market.

Created by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2009, the first cryptocurrency, in fact, is a distributed decentralized ledger, in which users send funds directly to each other, in a peer-to-peer network, without intermediaries.

A person who has been running around in the cryptocurrency environment for some time will hardly be doubting about the return on investment in Bitcoin. Especially after the event when the coin has updated several all-time highs and came close to the $ 60,000 mark.

Cryptanalysts suggest that the interest in cryptocurrencies will grow more among institutional investors than among the “real business”. In their opinion, Tesla’s decision to invest in Bitcoin should be considered as a private example, since for a business, storing capital in cryptocurrencies is an “unacceptable risk”. This is the first cycle that the rally is driven by institutional interest. American investment company Bridgewater Associates also expressed the intention to add cryptocurrency to its portfolio. Banks have already begun to create a suitable infrastructure for cryptocurrency holders. One of the largest investment funds, BlackRock, has announced a serious interest in the main digital coin. Giants like MicroStrategy, 3iQ or CoinShares are investing in BTC. Grayscale Foundation is the main intermediary between the cryptocurrency market and institutional investors. In addition, it recently became known that Guggenheim Partners and MassMutual have also recently invested in digital currency. Bitcoin holders have been waiting for this for years, and now the new trend can bring them unprecedented profits, proving once again that BTC is a cryptocurrency for long-term investments. The participation of large financial institutions and the influence of other macroeconomic factors could trigger an explosive rise in BTC prices in 2021.

Following the ICO, Binance exchange issued its own token called Binance Coin (BNB). The coin appeared on August 7, 2017. BNB originally runs on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 standard.

You can use BNB to pay any fees on the Binance platform, including: exchange fees, listing fees, and any others. Since BNB is a kind of auxiliary object on this exchange, which gives great advantages to the owners, almost every second user of this exchange buys it, thereby feeding the platform and giving prerequisites for growth.

Cryptocurrency exchanges will benefit the most from the coming crypto frenzy. On April 7, 2021 Bitcoin rate on the Binance crypto exchange fell to $ 55.6 thousand, which led to the liquidation of traders’ positions in the amount of over $ 600 million. The experts believe that Bitcoin has upside potential with short-term corrections of 5-10%. But altcoins should enter a protracted correction in the near future, as they were too overbought due to the growth of the main digital coin. Although Bitcoin remains the best investment option,  you’d better carry about the risks and be sure to hedge them.

Top 3 converters where you can convert BNB to BTC are the following: 


Binance exchange is among the top 20 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume where BNB will be used as one of the key underlying assets. Lower or zero trading fees on Binance and the ability to use it to buy other tokens in periodic sales provide with additional benefits of owning BNB. In addition, the launch of Binance Smart Chain allowed the exchange to enter the DeFi market. The platform promises fast and cheap processing of transactions with various asset classes.


Changelly crypto exchange service was launched in 2015 currently and it supports a large amount of cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged (195).

The whole process takes place in just a few clicks. All steps are intuitive even for beginners thanks to a pleasant and intuitive interface. Small service commission.

The platform provides two types of digital asset rates for a transaction:

  • Floating. The system selects the best offer from all available ones.
  • Fixed. Average value of the exchange rate on the market. 


You can make BNB to BTC exchange online on Godex  24/7. This reputable exchange service supports 201 coins for the conversion of assets. All popular and brand new digital tokens that have already proven their reliability are presented here. Moreover, the exchange listens to the wishes of users and constantly adds new coins to its work list. It is known as a service with low fees and no exchange limits. The rate is fixed at the time of the transaction until its complete execution. It is considered safe and easy to use. For making an exchange on the platform, you do not need to pass any verifications. The support team responds quickly and easily. 

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