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Oftentimes, Investment conversations are heard around venture capitalists groups or angel investor groups. It usually plays out in that a brand or business arrives with an investor pitch/elevator pitch to be able to secure funding for the growth of that business. However, there are other sides to an investment conversation that goes beyond initial or capital funding. These other sides to the conversation involve growing the business by investing business funds in other ventures. The common denominator in any side of these conversations is the need for the growth of a business to ensure it perpetuates itself profitably.

Quick Wiki

Real Name               Thomas J. Kent Jr.

Nickname                T.J.

Birthday                   October 8, 1976

Age                          46

Birthplace               USA

Net Worth               Over 50 million USD

Gender                    Male

Nationality            USA

Occupation             International banker

Height                    6.3

Weight                    250 pounds

Eye Color  Brown

Hair Color     Black

It is an overwhelming desire for every business to grow, but not all businesses understand how to proceed on this path. It is, therefore, pertinent to never walk alone and seek to partner with experienced hands- hands like Kent Global LLC.

So whether it is growth investment, richer lifestyle, shares, property, fixed interest investments or other types of investment, Kent Global LLC is the company to trust. Kent Global LLC is an international and highly connected investment consulting firm with clients from all over the world that invest in movies, real estate and small-business lending. Their clientele ranges from small businesses and start-ups to even international figures.

Kent Global LLC has over 25 years of investment and business consultancy experience upholding the highest standard of business ethics and standards. The company gains utmost satisfaction in helping their clients reach their business goals which usually include, but are not limited to, growing their enterprise, expanding to new markets and strategic positioning.

To become leaders in the trade,  Kent Global LLC has built well-thought-out relationships with some of the world’s biggest money managers and angel investors. One of which made the news was the joint venture partnership with real-estate developers all around the world. With Kent Global LLC, your business experience will be unforgettable.

Mr. Kent is the founder, CEO and chairman of Kent Global LLC. Kent Global LLC is a boutique investment firm based in New York City. Mr. Kent, in his 25 years of professional years, has helped over 300 companies raise over 1 billion USD. Mr. Kent has helped these firms achieve their goals by sharing his wealth of experience through consultations. In addition, he has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. He holds degrees from both the United Kingdom and the United States universities.

Kent Global LLC provides services such as M&A Merges and Acquisitions, LBO Leverage Buyout, Pipe Financing, Asset Based Lending, Film Financing, Startup Funding for new businesses, Debt Financing, Joint Ventures, Infrastructure Financing, Commercial Real Estate Investing, Invoice Financing, Factoring Financing, New Construction Loans, Energy Financing, SBLC and BG Financing and many more.

The Kent Family Office is Mr. Kent’s personal investment office. It is a single family office. It invests in international real estate, film, art and loans to small businesses.

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