Things You Need to Know About Hoodies

There was a time in the past when wearing hoddies was an aspect that would quickly mark you out in any crowd in quite a negative way as if you were a soon-to-be robber. But those days are gone. Thanks to designer overhaul, nowadays at least one hoodie is present in any closet no matter the age of the person wearing them. They have gone from being the trademark of an undisciplined adolescent to the most liked clothing item in anyone’s wardrobe.

While initially designed for sports to keep athletes warm but dry in harsh weather conditions, it has also been adopted by many music cultures such as rap and hip hop, but also university students, programmers, and of course, the runway.

They are made in different styles, fabrics, colors, and sizes by almost every clothing company on the market. You can find the items best priced on wholesale hoodies.

The Origins of Hoodies

A hoodie is a long sleeve sweatshirt with a hood, initially designed as sportswear for athletes to keep them warm during a sports performance out in cold weather. The first hoodie ever produced in mass and sold on the market was manufactured by Champion Products. Around the year 1930, a “hooded pullover” was created and produced to help warehouse workers in New York stay warm. Champion Products started to market them in upstate New York for helping laborers working in below zero temperatures. It became popular around the 1970s when hip-hop culture adopted this style. The most critical increase in the hoodie’s popularity was after its appearance in the iconic “Rocky” film. The rise of branded university logo hoodies happened around this time.

Later on, in the 1990s, its fame evolved into a mark of isolation, a proclamation of the academic spirit and various fashion collections.

They have only recently appeared on wholesale hoodies since this selling approach does not have that much time since it first appeared on the market.

Outfit Match

Outfit Match

Hoodies are both functional and comfortable pieces of clothing, suitable to be worn in any weather conditions. While its initial design and purpose were mainly athletic, the runway took over proving and showing how you can style your outfit by wearing a hoodie. It has shown that you can stylishly wear it as a part of a layered look by matching it with a simple white crew neck shirt, slim jeans, and a pair of fresh basic trainers. You can even add a black leather jacket on top of a bright-colored hoodie worn with simple black pants and a pair of sneakers. Nowadays you can even wear a hoodie with tailored trousers. If you look for an unconventional way to mix smart and casual this is the best bet. Choose a neutral color hoodie from your closet and add a pair of tailored trousers. A better and bolder look would be created if you add to this a pair of luxurious shiny sports sneakers.

In conclusion, the fashion industry has proven that hooded sweatshirts can be worn not just in the combination of the traditional sport but also in many different styles and they can complete any type of outfit.

General Guidelines When Wearing Hooded Pullovers

Practically, throwing on a hoodie is the easiest way to complete any outfit. Because it is not rocket science everybody is used to wearing them in any type they like. You can choose to throw it on and zip it up with a pair of plain jeans and some white sneakers, and there you have it. But according to some fashion rules, you can sometimes go wrong when you want to try a more different style than the usual classic one.

So, here are some things you need to read to improve your style:

  • Do not go looking for your old hoddies. They have gone out of style and you are not on an angry introvert teenager phase anymore.
  • When buying or choosing a hoodie look for the ones made of 100% pure cotton fabrics for higher quality and longevity.
  • Hooded pullovers, the ones more similar to a long sleeve shirt, are typically considered to look smarter than the zip-up ones.
  • Do not chase the latest trend when looking for a hoodie. Go for a timeless, simple but versatile design in a color that suits both you and your wardrobe. If you do not want to go for a simple black one, the color you choose should be easily matched with a complementary one found among the clothes you already own.
  • Choose your size properly. A fitted hoodie can sometimes be more flattering than a sloppy one.
  • Wear an oversized hoodie with leggings.
  • Unless you are walking on campus, university logo printed hooded sweatshirts are not to be worn.
  • In case you are over 40 years old, a hoodie in a luxurious fabric such as cashmere worn with tailored trousers will be creating a proper more grown-up outfit.
  • If you consider yourself being a regular when it comes to wearing a hoodie, it is recommended to get your supplies on wholesale hoodies.

Wholesale Hoodies

Wholesale Hoodies

Because hoddies are some popular go-to clothing items that can be worn in any weather conditions and that can complete almost every outfit style, you can consider buying them on wholesale hoodies. You can easily consider buying them in larger quantities because you know the comfort they offer and you can wear them anytime. Shopping for them on wholesales can have a lot of benefits. You have various brands available, all manufacturing their products showing a great interest in perfecting the details while using high-quality fabrics. From having a variety of products in all sizes and colors, available for shipping as soon as the order is placed, to saving a great deal of money.

Wholesalers offer up to 70 % and 80 % discounts for buyers in larger quantities. You can sometimes negotiate a better deal with the company’s owner and also in case you have multiple orders you can arrange for them to be shipped at the same time, reducing the shipment costs. There is customer support always available in case you have any questions to address. Price ranges for wholesale hoodies are between 6 dollars and 70 dollars, depending on styles and discounts applied.

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