The Ten Commandments of Roulette

Roulette with a single zero was already playing from the year 1843. Since that time, the French game known as “la petite roulette” has mesmerized casino patrons with its captivating spinning wheel and relatively modest advantage for the house.

Like any other casino game, Roulette governing by a set of rules that dictate how it works and the appropriate behavior of those participating in it. When you walk into a roulette game without any prior knowledge, you risk encountering irritated staff members, other irritating gamblers seated at the table around you, and a run of what can only describe as unfavorable luck. This streak of poor luck may manifest itself in the form of a physically terrible fate at the casino, or it might take the shape of being hit in the back of the head by an angry player or frustrated staff.

If you familiarize yourself with the ten rules of Roulette stated below, you will likely have a better time playing the game. The purpose of playing games like Roulette is to have an excellent time and POSSIBLY (if you are incredibly fortunate) to win a tiny bit of money that you may use for entertainment or other purposes.

Before we get started, here are the Ten Commandments of Roulette:

Thou shalt not be ignorant of the rules.

Roulette’s regulations are straightforward. You may get acquainted with the game by reading any online guide the game, and then you can play the game with confidence. 

Spend the hour or two before you go to the casino like OKBet doing some research on Google, play some free versions of Roulette online, and generally brush up on your understanding of the game. Because of this, your bankroll will benefit the other players at the table.

You might as well do this while you’re at it and brush up on the fundamentals of casino etiquette. In my perspective, they are just a regular aspect of playing the game. 

For instance, you should NEVER place a bet after the dealer has announced that there will be no more bets. At that moment, you shouldn’t even get your hands near any of the chips. Should you choose to disregard this guideline, you run the risk of being asked to leave the table and the casino entirely

Thou shalt not be inconsiderate of others.

Part of this is an etiquette consideration. But I think being considerate of the casino employees (the boxman, the security guards, etc.) and the casino guests around you is important enough to earn its commandment. If you’ve spent any time in a live casino before, you know how annoying people can be.

Thou shalt not play double-zero games (if you can help it).

Because the house advantage is nearly half that of double-zero Roulette, single-zero Roulette, also known as European Roulette, is a better game for players. Except for even-money bets, the house advantage in single-zero Roulette is 2.7 percent on all wagers. The house advantage is significantly smaller at tables when the surrender (or “en jail”) rule is in place – 1.4 percent. Bets on European wheels prefer the house advantage on double-zero games (5.26 percent).

Thou shalt not place straight-up bets if surrender is available.

It is a more particular commandment. You should never put straight-up bets on a single number if you’re playing on a European wheel with a Surrender or “en jail” option – or if you’ve located one of Atlantic City’s double-zero tables with a Surrender option. What’s to stop you? Because you’re up against a house advantage that’s twice as high as you’d get on an even-money bet. In other words, you’re wagering directly into the casino’s hands.

Thou shalt not place a five-number bet.

The five-number bet is only allowed on double-zero wheels; therefore, if you’re following the Commandments correctly, you shouldn’t be able to make this gamble. The “five numbers” bet includes 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The house has a little edge largest of any roulette variant on this bet — 7.89 percent. The five-number bet is a sucker bet compared to the 5.26 percent you could obtain with any even-money wager on the layout or the 2.63 percent you could get by putting even-money bets with surrender conditions.

Thou shalt not believe in “hot and cold streaks.”

Roulette is a game with a lot of streaks. It’s comparable to craps in that winning and losing streaks are prevalent. Please resist the temptation to believe that “you’re hot” or “extra fortunate” because you’ve had a string of victories. Streaks don’t tell you anything about what occurred in the past; remember that previous results have no influence on future outcomes, and you’ll be OK. In most sessions, you’ll witness excellent, terrible, and mediocre streaks. Celebrate your victories instead of concentrating on whether you’re hot or cold. They’re not going to survive long.

Thou shalt not forget your dealer (or other employees).

Remembering the dealer entails more than just offering her a few chips after your session. Tipping is, without a doubt, crucial. The majority of dealers rely only on gratuities to make a living. If you tip waiters, bartenders, and hotel concierges, tipping a dealer who works hard to assist you to have a good time should be no issue.

However, it does not end there. If you visit a casino numerous times in a row, you will profit from the efforts of a boxman and a team of security personnel. If you have a pleasant encounter with a boxman, it’s not a terrible idea to purchase a lovely modest present for her, but it’s not essential. If the employee has been helpful, a refined gambler who keeps his Commandments can present a cigar or bottle of wine as a gift.

Thou shalt not use betting systems.

Every casino game features a house difference between the expected rewards and the pay-ins. 

Some individuals interpret this to suggest that no one leaves the casino as a winner. Recent statistics reports from gambling interests in Vegas show that this is not the case — one large casino-hotel revealed that 1/3 of those who make a wager walk away with a profit on any given day.

The key is to play games for pleasure rather than profit. Play such that whatever money you earn is lagniappe, and keep in mind that gambling is a type of (possibly costly) adult enjoyment. Maybe it’s time to swim in the hotel pool if you can’t stomach losing to the point that you attempt a fault betting strategy. Try to bet in okbet online casino.

Thou shalt not bet outside of your budget.

How should you go about managing your finances effectively? You only need to choose your money in advance. Then, only use the money that you are willing to give up if you lose in your bets. The game is over after you have reached the end of the level. Never make the mistake of chasing your losses since doing so will never be beneficial.

Thou shalt try out electronic Roulette.

The rate at which casinos are going digital is the same as for decades, if not faster now that mobile and online gambling are such big competitors. Before my last trip to the casino, I had never played a game on a computer. I think every roulette player should give it a shot. For one thing, it’s still kind of a game for people to play together. The part of the game playing on a computer takes the place of the live dealer. People still gather around the table to place bets, and you can ignore or talk to other players at the table just as quickly as you can with the standard game. But this one moves faster and lets you bet less than at a common table most of the time.


Roulette is a classic casino game because the rules are easy to understand, the bets are easy to place, and the payouts are precise. The game also has a lot of fun props that make it exciting.


If you want to play Roulette in a casino in, follow the Ten Commandments strictly. Follow the advice that is from generations of roulette players. You’ll have more fun and may even win more money.

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