The most efficient way to add Music to Videos Online

Videos are a great way to catch a viewer’s attention and get them hooked to the product you are trying to sell or the service to which you want them to subscribe. A video is a combination of sending a viewable and audible message to your customers. Thus, if you are planning to send a video to your customer with just visuals and no audio, you are missing half of the opportunity to impact.

We are not asking you to create songs for your videos; what we are asking you is to make a video and add some background music that you can easily find on the Internet. There are tons of methods to add music to your video and increase your chances of sending a message to your viewers. But today, we are aiming to find you the best and the most efficient tools to add music to videos online, so read the article given below to find out some of the best tools which can be used to add background music and audio to your videos in just a few minutes.

  1. InVideo

Starting our list of most efficient ways to add music to videos online is the tool that you might have heard of before; the InVideo tool is a great way to add audio in the background of your videos if your video doesn’t have it. In addition to this, you can even add different layers of music and overlap them with one another. Once you have used its intuitive drag and drop feature for adding music to your video, you get to preview how the audio fits in with the video. Moreover, the online tool also allows you to make changes to the audio and edit it according to your need. So, it can also be used as a tool to add and edit the background audio of your videos precisely.

Furthermore, if you don’t have any audio associated with the video, you can find one or more than from the online software program’s list of sample audios that can be used for totally free. You can add these audio clips to your videos and make them feel professional even without spending a huge amount of money. Likewise, you can edit the audio you have taken from the InVideo repository according to how you want it to be. You can even adjust the volume of different audios to sync in harmony and sound perfect when you play them with video. Check out music on Soundful.

Once everything is done, and you have previewed the video, you can download the video with the online video editing tool’s added audio with just a few clicks. Lastly, you don’t need specific hardware to run this online tool, all you need is an internet connection and a web browser to access this tool, and you are good to go. The InVideo is an all arounder when it comes to creating and editing videos. If you are looking for a guide related to How To Send Large Videos must check this out.

  1. Renderforest

If we say Renderforest is all in one editing software, then we are not over exaggerating; it is more than just software to add background music to your videos; it comes with several editing tools and features that can help you download the videos or keep them in the cloud server and upload them straight from the website. There are tons of explainer videos that will help you navigate through its cluster of tools and services. Moreover, the online software also offers users to design and add a logo to their video in addition to their impressive and massive background music collection. More than 500 audio templates are present in the Renderforest, which can be edited and used in your videos.

With the free package, you are only getting 300Mb of storage which is quite less for a Full HD video; you can buy the smallest paid package according to your needs. On the other hand, one of the bummers was that Renderforest doesn’t support 4k resolution for the video uploads. The music sampling is also pretty limited if we compare it with its competitor, InVideo. We hope Renderforest soon makes updates to its video support format.

  1. Rotorvideos

This is one of the software which is being used by artists worldwide. Rotorvideos is a cloud-based editing platform that allows its users to add music to their videos at an affordable price point. It is said to be the most efficient way to add music to videos online. The developers of this web application kept the musicians in mind while creating the design and tools that can be used to add music to your videos. Rotorvideos has also begged support from Vevo and some other high-end platforms which are using the software for adding background music and lyrics to their videos.

If we look at the user number, they are in millions. Thus, we are pretty sure you will find it to be helpful in your pursuit of giving music to your video. On the other hand, it has a repository of royalty-free music. As a result, you can even use songs that are listed in Rotorvideos without any second thoughts or giving money to the song performer and producer.

You need to work around and know these drawbacks when you are using this software; first, to use even the trial version, you need to sign up to their portal. Furthermore, once you make changes and add the music to your video, the software will prompt you to pay some fee before you could download the edited video in your local system. Also, there is no chance of sharing it directly to the social media websites from the software, so a user must pay the amount to download their video, which is something we didn’t like about this software.

Wrapping Up

These were the three most efficient ways to add music to videos online and give them the audio they deserve. Adding music to your video is necessary, but make sure the music fits with the theme of your video and leaves the viewer in aww.

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