Should You Switch to LED Headlights? 

More and more people are switching to LED headlights for many different reasons. It is clear that this technology is far more advanced and requires minimum maintenance. However, are these reasons enough to switch to an LED headlight? 

Today, we will cover some important points that will make it easier for you to decide. Along with some advantages of LED headlights, we will compare the technology with the available alternatives.

Why are LED Headlights Competing With Regular Headlights?

Before making a decision, you must understand why it is being considered an alternative to the regular car headlights. The reason is the increasing applications of LED bulbs in different scenarios. According to Mordor Intelligence, the market value of LED lighting is over $75 billion and increasing.

Thus, it is natural that more and more people are considering making a switch to LED headlights for their vehicles.

 It was first introduced in luxury vehicles and people often used to think of them as luxuries. However, today there are a lot of affordable options in the market that give you the luxury feel with your own car. 

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Some Reasons to Use LED Headlights

Light Quality

There’s no comparison between a regular bulb and an LED bulb when it comes to light quality. LED headlights are way more powerful and offer brighter light in every scenario. This light quality improves the driver’s view and gives them a better driving experience.

SEALIGHT 9005 and 9006 LED headlight bulbs are perfect headlights that offer high light quality at an affordable price. 

Better Lifespan

LED headlights have a much better lifespan than almost every HID bulb. It is because the LED technology is more advanced and does not lose its power over regular use. Although the overall experience depends on the LED compatibility with the vehicle, you can still expect a much better result with this technology. 

For an estimate, an LED headlight can last 2.5x than a regular HID bulb in a vehicle. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Some people completely ignore the simple math here. Buying an HID bulb is much easier and more affordable than buying an LED headlight. Sometimes, the LED headlight cost can go up to 3x of a regular HID bulb cost. 

However, an LED headlight is still the most affordable option when you want something in the long run. An LED headlight won’t require frequent replacements and will keep providing the same performance till it lasts. On the other hand, an HID bulb starts losing its brightness and the owner needs to replace it even if it is working. 

Thus, LED headlight is a clear winner when it comes to the maintenance cost of both the lighting options.

 Better Shock Resistance

As a car owner, you need to put in some additional effort before adapting to a different technology. When it comes to shock resistance, LED headlights are more solid and stand a better chance of surviving than an HID bulb.

It is because they are Solid State Lights and do not have any material that can attract any damage. Unfortunately, HID bulbs can have mercury and must be disposed of if there’s damage to the light. 

More Efficient

When it comes to efficiency, there’s no match for an LED. Although HID is more efficient than incandescent lights, it still takes a lot more energy than an LED bulb. The main reason is the amount of energy wasted in producing light with the HID technology. 

It loses at least 30 percent of energy in form of infrared rays. On the other hand, LED is pure light and uses most of the energy in producing light. Another interesting thing is you can get brighter light with an LED even when it’s taking lesser energy. 

If we go with technical terms, you can expect an LED bulb to give 120 lumens/watt while an HID bulb stays below 30 lumens/watt.

Should You Make the Switch From HID to LED?

The one-word answer is YES. But, you need to consider the upgrade charges and the cost. Also, you should check the availability of an LED kit for your car model. If you can arrange it easily (and at an affordable price), there’s no reason why you should delay it.


It is clear that an LED headlight is a much better option than an HID bulb. Thus, you can consider switching to these brighter LEDs for your vehicle. There is the additional factor of luxury look that we chose to avoid for a more technical review. However, if you are someone who loves to show off car headlights, it’s a positive for you.


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