SEO for immigration law firms: A quick overview

When it comes to online marketing for law firms, there is just one thing that matters – More leads. Having qualified leads only means more cases for an immigration lawyer, and while there are several ways to garner more attention for your law firm, SEO stands out. Companies like Nifty Marketing specialize in SEO for immigration law firms and focus on unique strategies that are most tested to derive results. Before you outsource the work to an agency, here are some aspects to note. 

Do I really need SEO for my law firms?

Many immigration lawyers assume that they can spend on paid ads on social media and Google ads, which will help generate more leads. While that is not entirely wrong, just paid marketing is not enough. When it comes to getting clients through your legal website, you have to include SEO in the marketing plan. From choosing the right targeted keywords that will eventually help your PPC campaign to backlinking, SEO is critical for driving quality and consistent traffic to your website. 

Outsourcing SEO: The best approach

You may assume that spending a couple of hours every day is enough is to learn marketing and SEO, but this is not the case. In fact, SEO strategies need to be unique for each search engine, such as Google and Bing. More importantly, you have to generate great content regularly and post on third-party sites with great domain ratings to get more backlinks. More backlinks essentially mean better domain authority for your website. Your expertise is immigration law, and it is best to have a marketing agency do what they specialize in. 

SEO requires effort and consistently

Much before you can spend on SEO, your website needs a quick review. The design and feel of your law firm website must be robust and appealing, following which the marketing experts can work on on-page SEO elements. They will also determine the ideal keywords and find the relevant sites that will accept guest posts and articles, which will help generate backlinks. This is not a one-time process, which means you cannot expect results within a week. Outsourcing your SEO work allows you to do what you do best – Practice immigration law. 

Find an agency that has worked for immigration attorneys in the past. Check their track record, find out more about their pricing, and if they can also help with PPC and social media marketing, you can avoid hiring multiple agencies. 

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