Pocket Tees: The Most Affordable Fashion Solution?

Many people think that looking stylish and fashionable is an expensive endeavour. All that new clothing, trends and accessories surely can cost a lot!

But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way and that even you can create some awesome and stylish looks with even the most modest budget.

One of the best ways to do that is to add a couple of pocket tees to your wardrobe.

Pockets on t-shirts 

Clothing didn’t have pockets until around 500 years ago, and modern pockets became common only around mid 20th century.

Chest pockets were first adopted by sailors who needed a convenient place to keep cash and tobacco while travelling. Soon most men had at least a few shirts and t-shirts with pockets for holding miscellaneous items.

Because t-shirts were an undergarment for a long time, they didn’t have pockets, but thanks to the changes in fashion, designers started applying them to switch things up and make the humble tee more versatile.

Pocket t-shirt styles 

While all pocket t-shirts may seem the same, they actually are not, and that’s why they are such a great and affordable way to spice up your style game.

The size of the pocket can vary from tiny to large and can have pointed or rounded corners. The pockets can also be made from entirely different fabrics and create a unique utilitarian look or come in a different colour and fabric and add quirkiness.

Spend some time at the mall and scouring the internet, and you’ll find all kinds of unique designs from simple, classic monochrome pockets to Hawaiian-inspired floral ones to complex applications with cute characters peeking from the pocket itself.

It’s incredible how such a small design element can change the whole look with minimum effort from your side!

How to wear a pocket tee? 

Pocket tees are generally casual, so you should probably skip them if you’re wearing a suit or a classic sports jacket.

But they’re perfect for any outfit on the spectrum, from laid-back to semi-formal The best thing is that you can style it with pretty much anything you already have in your closet and save money on purchasing multiple new pieces.

Pocket tee, jeans and a button-down shirt. It’s perfect if you work from home or in a casual office.

Pocket tee and chinos and a cardigan. It is an excellent combination for a semi-formal look. You can even pull it off for a business breakfast at the local joint!

Pocket tee and tailored joggers. Our favourite weekend attire that’s comfortable yet still stylish,

Pocket tee and cargo pants and a zipper hoodie. Planning a fun weekend with friends at your lake cabin? This is your outfit!

Unique pocket tees 

By adding just two or three new pocket tees to your rotation, you can freshen up your style without breaking the bank.

Here are three cool tees that we love! 

Todd Snyder Made In L.A. Slub Pocket T-Shirt is very high-quality and has a form-flattering fit. It’s perfect for those semi-formal outfits, and the pocket stands out with its cute little button!

We love Fresh Clean Tees, and their subscription service is a lifesaver, so it’s no surprise that they offer high-quality pocket tees too! 100% cotton, 100% style and 100% affordable! Choose from stylish colours, and you have your everyday look covered.

A.n.a Pocket T-Shirt with contrasting pocket colours is the perfect athletic tee that’s comfortable and stylish. It’s also eco-friendly, affordable and looks great on anyone. Looking for a top to go with your joggers? This is it!

Lastly, if you’re looking for quirky designs and cute styles, take a peek at Redbubble – you won’t be disappointed!

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