My spiritual journey

If you’re beginning your spiritual journey I just want you to know that no matter who you’re watching and no matter how enlightened they seem to be, I guarantee you they have some regular ass weeks where they just act like a normal person that’s never heard of spirituality and soul at all and number three I don’t remember my points but I’m saying this like this Article which is about your spiritual journey where to start and of course just some reassurance that we all have to start somewhere so I’m going to start by telling you my brief little history with spirituality, because there was a time that I was not in tune at all I was very very shallow I was very out of alignment I didn’t I was negative I was so negative I was Mean I was just I like hated myself I’m being honest I did not like myself at all now I’m working on self-love I know that I do love myself only even now I am wearing couple bracelets that my boyfriend gave me,but I just have so much more to love I think my issue right now is that I haven’t accepted myself for who I am, I haven’t accepted my flaws I haven’t made peace with them and I’m working through that but like again we’re not all these like spiritually enlightened perfect people.

I’m not saying you guys think that I am at all I’m just saying that I know what it’s like to watch youtubers and just be like damn like she has it all together like dude she wakes up at this time she does this routine what so okay let me get into the history.

There was like a moment I woke up and then there was a moment that I became spiritual so I’ll tell you about the moment that I woke up I was with my friend and I didn’t know about anything, I didn’t know anything, I didn’t even know what the law of attraction was, we went to this like park by my parents house and it’s like a lake shore and pretty much the day was so gloomy it was so gloomy and we decided to just sit at the lake and slowly everybody started leaving because it started to rain a little bit but we were young we were just like who cares if it rains my hair was curly that day like we just didn’t care so we’re just sit there and the sun starts to set down.

so the sky is just getting darker and we’re watching the water and it’s quiet it’s pretty still there’s no one around us it’s raining and it starts to get a little bit foggy then the sky gets darker and darker and now the sky is like a gray but the water is also gray so the sky is blending into the water and on top of that it’s foggy so I can’t see anything around me except for the water and my friends and we’re just sitting there and we’re like what the is happening it was this weird moment where I remember, I just felt like we were the only two people in the entire world I don’t know it just felt like there was nothing around us,

like it was so empty there was no sky there was no water there was nothing because everything blended with each other so I just felt like I was in a big open space of just gray and it was the perfect shade of gray and we were just quiet and we’re like whoa what the hell we’re like 19 years old and we’re just out of our minds.

what is happening and then we both went quiet and I think we both went into our own deep thoughts and our own like inner meditations I don’t really know I wasn’t meditating because I didn’t even meditate once in my life at that point but I was Just sitting there like thinking and being still and silencing my mind which is meditating but I didn’t know it and I just remember feeling like I was the only thing in the universe and I started thinking about holy like I start thinking deep about the universe and having all these profound thoughts about the universe and who I am and what the world is and and how connected I am, all these things right but I’ve never had these thoughts before so I was like so confused but so like I felt not even confused I felt like I knew certain things all of a sudden and I just felt different we sat there for an hour in silence in complete silence. we’re gonna be quiet, nothing was ever discussed we just shut the up and sat there and I just had this whole awakening process in that moment and it was the craziest experience of my life.

we just don’t talk we grew up we were high school friends but I know that if I were to randomly call her and be like you, do you remember that time where we sat in nothingness for two hours when the sunset she’d be like holy I remember like it was crazy so that was when I realized there’s more to the universe than what I knew as like earth, there’s just so much more to my mind and to people around me and into the world in general to the universe like I just I woke up that day that faded out forgot about it not forgot but like kind of just live my life and then I had my second awakening where I learned what energy was and that was when I read the secret,it changed my life obviously the secret changed my life in terms of the law of attraction and learning what that is and how to manifest and how thoughts become things and how connected we are like it changed my life in that way too but the way that it really changed my mind.

It just shifted my whole way of thinking in the sense that I didn’t know that we were all energetically connected I didn’t know that there was so much more to us than our physical beings I didn’t know that negative and positive thoughts were so impactful in our lives I didn’t know anything so I read the secret and it was just an abundance of information that I never even considered before and I felt like oh my god I’ve been missing this my whole life this is what I’ve been doing I manifested crazy but I didn’t know I was manifesting like crazy I was like I’m good at this. I’ll make a video on it so that you guys can have some dumbed down simplified videos on very deep spiritual topics I hope you guys enjoyed this and you found it helpful I’m sorry if my spiritual journey explanation was too long ago but it was just summed up as much as I could do it.

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