Mauricio Pochettinos time is up at PSG

The primary objective for every football team is to win games and trophies by extension. If a club is failing to do this, they are either average and not good enough. While the players of a team can make or mar their chances at winning, you can never downplay the place of a manager. This is exactly why there are managers among managers and then there are winners like those who frequently use best casino online.

Mauricio Pochettino might be leading Paris Saint Germain to the Ligue 1 title but the recent form of the club has been questionable and a tad disastrous. This is despite the plethora of world-class stars arrayed at the club.

The signing of Sergio Ramos, Giannini Donnarumma and Lionel Messi in the summer had instantly improved the chances of the club at conquering all titles they were competing for. Alas, Pochettino has failed to play to the strength of the aforementioned stars.

The France-based club were heavily tipped to compete for the Champions League title but they were knocked out in the second round by perennial rivals Real Madrid. But for the poor tactics of Pochettino, Les Perisiens would have won that game. They have lost 4 in their last six games, calling into question the tactic prowess of Poch.

Owners of PSG are known to be impatient unlike visitors of best online casino us. Even though Tomas Tuchel won the title twice and finished as runner-up in the champion League, he was still shown the exit of the club. Poch has not fared better by any standard and it now appears that his future at the club is bleak.

Meanwhile, Zinedine Zidane is currently jobless and he’d be a perfect fit for the side. Unlike Poch, Zidane is a serial winner. He broke and set a record and Madrid. PSG should do everything to get him to sign before the like of Man United or even Madrid lure him again.

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