Masonry And Its Types For Constructing Buildings

Masonry refers to a number of construction materials. These materials are used in different manners to provide for the architectural requirements of the building. They are particularly characterized by binding material as most of those materials require them. To build a structural masonry material is laid along with the mortar. Mortar provides the gluing factor, while masonry provides the strong material to be glued. This is how different buildings are constructed.


Masonry is simply characterized as Veneer Masonry and Dry Set Masonry. These are divided as per the need for the bond between two or more items. Veneer masonry requires some binding agent while dry set masonry does not. Two of these differ in this and other differences. Have a look at them both:

Veneer Masonry

These are usually clay-based construction materials thus also called brick masonry. These materials are manufactured to serve in the construction process. These either use brick anchor or mortar. Both of these are meant to keep the material in the required location and space.

Next, these materials are not waterproof. Thus, along with the strips or mortar, insulation is used. This insulation can be in the form of fiberglass, drywall, plaster, or other materials.

These include bricks, concrete blocks, abode stones, cast stones, and others.

Dry Set Masonry

The dry wet masonry naturally exists. This property has facilitated it, to the fact that these materials do not require any binding material. They have friction. This friction binds the stone to the required location.

Their composition also makes them sufficient for waterproofing. This also solves the need to install something waterproofing.

These include marble, line stone, granite, slate, and others.

These are the masonry materials. To have the right information about these materials, material takeoff services make a great contribution.


Mortar is a paste that fills in the irregular gaps and binds the veneer masonry. This paste is mainly composed of pitch, asphalt, and clay or mud. The paste is made out of different formulae. In these formulae, different ratios are used to bind together the materials.

Cement too is used to provide the same purpose. In that as well a mixture is made. This mixture can have different ratios to get the desired result. This cement mortar is also called concrete. In this type of mortar, the cement provides the central function.

Brick Anchor

The other way to keep the veneer masonry is with the brick anchor. These strips are bolted to the concrete and provide the mounted function to the wall. These come as type iii, type iii x, triangular ties, RJ711, HCL 711, and others. With these walls and other components are built.

Finally Having Them For Your Project

Masonry structures and others include masonry items as a fundamental requirement. This requirement comes in the structural part of the project.

As the contractor is hired against the prepared plan. He understands the plan to acquire the appropriate masonry materials in the right specification and quantity. To ease their part, he takes construction takeoff services. These services include information about the specification and quantity of all the construction materials per the plan.

Among these construction materials, including masonry. Thus, the contractor acquires the right masonry and afterward, the construction process begins. This way the desired buildings are constructed.


Masonry is an important construction material. Masonry is classified as veneer and dry stone. These differ in certain various aspects such as binding, waterproofing, composition, and others. Veneer masonry used mortar and brick anchor while dry stone just goes with the friction. To have them contractors have quantity takeoff services.

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