How Much Does JJ Da Boss Net Worth In 2021?

JJ Da Boss Net Worth: $1.2 Million

JJ mostly earns his income from car racing. He had also a source of income for his television series outlaw. Now JJ Da Boss net worth is estimated and according to our information is 2 million dollars. The annual income of JJ is around 40210 dollars.

Quick Facts

Real Name Jonathan Day
Stage Name JJ Da Boss
Birthday  August 10, 1973
Age 47 Years
Hometown Memphis, Tennessee
Gender Male
Spouse Tricia Day
Occupation Car Racing
Net Worth $1.2 Million
Nationality American

Early life


JJ Da Boss is an underground car racer with the name Jonathan. He was born on the 10th of August in 1973. He is most famous and best known in the world because of appearing on the “Street Outlaw Memphis” reality show.

In this show, he competes with many similar racers. He was born in Arkansas in the town of a joiner. Their interest in cars grew in his heart at the age of 10 years. JJ’s parents are professional roofers. JJ roofed with them when he needed money for fuel.

But this money was not enough to fulfill the needs of JJ. JJ started earning through other si sources like illegal activities like gambling and car racing. He used his money to improve his driving skill.

JJ Da boss passed his 8 years in prison because of street racing and other bad habits like gambling. After being released from prison JJ Da Boss re-evaluated his life for racing. He also started a business to make and sell parts of racing cars.


JJ passed his matric from Rivercrest school in his hometown in 1992. It is unknown whether JJ joined college for further education.

Age Height and Weight

As we tell that JJ was born on 10 August 1973 so now he is 47 years old. His height is 5 feet 9 inches with a weight of 80kg. JJ has a nice body, not so much fatty, and not so weak.

Personal Life

jj da boss wife

Tracia day is the wife of JJ. Her nickname is Midget. She is also a street racer in the outlaw, she is a teammate of her husband. They make a strong team together in outlaw.

Outlaw is a show on the discovery channel with 9 seasons and 88 episodes and this show is still continuing on the discovery channel. The bonding between JJ and his wife is very strong. There is no more story of his personal life and no one knows about the life of JJ before his fame. 


JJ roofed for at least 20 years. At least he was able to quit this job and start earning enough money from other sources. He spent his most money on a Chevrolet II Nova in 1996. It was his first racing car.

After being released from prison JJ started earning from illegal war and legal business of purchasing old vehicles and then designing them and selling to the customers.

With hardworking and good skill JJ is able to receive his reality television series with the name of outlaw after two years of his career. This show started firstly on 25 January 2018 on the discovery channel.


JJ Won many races but unfortunately, he is not nominated for any award yet. But he is still working hard to achieve more successes and awards.

Investing in Automobiles

Apart from racing, JJ Da Boss is also a savvy entrepreneur. He owns an automotive shop in Memphis, contributing significantly to his net worth. This successful venture showcases his deep understanding of automobiles, which transcends beyond the race track, further solidifying his expertise.

The Influence of Street Outlaws: Memphis

Without a doubt, JJ’s starring role in “Street Outlaws: Memphis” has added a considerable chunk to his net worth. The popular show allows viewers a glimpse into the intense world of street racing, with JJ leading the pack. His earnings from the show have significantly bolstered his income.

FAQs about JJ Da Boss’s Net Worth

1. How did JJ Da Boss make his money?

Most of JJ Da Boss’s wealth comes from his racing wins, his TV appearances, and his automobile business. His savvy investments have also contributed to his net worth.

2. What does JJ Da Boss do for a living?

JJ Da Boss is a professional street racer, a TV personality, and a successful entrepreneur.

3. What is the net worth of JJ Da Boss?

Estimates suggest that JJ Da Boss’s net worth is approximately $1 million to $2 million.

Final Thoughts

JJ Da Boss’s net worth reflects his hard work, dedication, and, above all, his expertise in street racing and entrepreneurship. He’s proof that when passion meets skill, success is inevitable. As we continue to follow his journey, we can only expect his net worth to race forward, just like him on the track.

Disclaimer: The figures related to JJ Da Boss’s net worth are estimates based on available data and may not be 100% accurate.

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