Isla Mujeres. What to watch?

Cancun is the most famous tourist city in Mexico, located in the northern Caribbean Sea, at the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. The city is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has beautiful scenery. It is known as the back garden of the rich in North America.

There are a lot of fun activities in Cancun. The recommended snorkeling this time is one of the most unmissable things besides watching the sea to relax and explore the Mayan civilization. It is so perfect for the hot summer~

Here are some recommended snorkeling spots in Cancun ~

Isla Mujeres – In addition to snorkeling, you can also experience local life

Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres), named after the early Spanish discovery of many Mayan female gods on the island. It is recommended to depart from Playa Tortugas, a pier in the north section of the “7” area of   Cancun, to Isla Mujeres, which is a 20-minute boat ride away. This is the closest snorkeling spot to Cancun and is the first choice for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Recommended snorkeling projects

  1. Playa Norte beach on the north side of Isla Mujeres is known as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. There you can rent snorkeling equipment, but there are a lot of people
  2. 2. Swim in the Caribbean Sea at Royal Garrafon, snorkel, and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs. There is a dolphin activity center next to it, and you can also have close contact with dolphins by the way.
  3. 3. There is a famous Underwater Museum near Isla Mujeres, and more than 400 statues have been sunk underwater. These sculptures are made of special materials used to cultivate artificial corals. These corals are now home to fish, and the waters are great for snorkeling and diving. For more details Snorkel Tour Isla Mujeres

Besides snorkeling, what else is there to do?

The biggest feature of Isla Mujeres is “relaxation”!

After landing on the island from Cancun, rent a Golf Cart and take half an hour to travel around the island for a week. Near the port is the bustling city center and tourist area, with large and small shops and style graffiti. As you drive towards the sea, it’s a different scene, where you can experience the life of the locals in the residential area of the islanders. Sitting in the golf cart, there are warm Mexicans saying hello all the way.

And, there are plenty of hidden bars and private sandy beaches waiting for you on the island. Comfortable word, but that’s it.

In addition, there are turtle watching, sea fishing, zipline (zipline), etc., and even swimming with whale sharks from June to mid-September.

When it comes to snorkeling in Cancun, we have to mention 3X Paradise.

Xel-Há – the world’s largest natural aquarium

If there is only one paradise to choose for snorkeling, it must be Xel-Há!

Xel-Há is located at the mouth of the underground river, almost all water sports, and there are not many queues. There are many kinds of underwater creatures here, and it is known as “the world’s largest natural aquarium”.

Dive into the water to see marine life such as colorful tropical fish and corals, get up close and personal with dolphins, and walk under the sea. Try the thrilling cave diving, diving on a high platform is amazing, and you are not afraid of bad water. In short, in Xel-Há you can enjoy the N ways of playing in the Caribbean! All snorkeling equipment in the park is free~

Recommended snorkeling projects

Ocean diving (Scuba Caleta): It is required that you must be able to swim and sign, and the whole journey is 45 minutes. After the professional diving instructor has finished teaching, you can put on the diving equipment and dive into the sea.

Children’s Water World (Mundo de Los Niños): including children’s swimming pools, slide areas, crocodile tunnels, turtle areas, and other safe play areas for children to freely play.

Besides snorkeling, what else is there to do?

Spiral Water Ladder Tower (Faro Mirador): Slide down from the tens of meters high tower top slide intersection, circle at high speed for nearly 10 laps, and then rush into the pool at the bottom of the tower. For  more details  Snorkel In Isla Mujeres

Zipline (Salpichanga- Tirolesas): Take a zipline and leap over the clear water. Experience six different scenic zipline tours, get up close and personal with the water, and enjoy the thrill of getting wet.

Address: Carretera Chetumal Puerto Juárez Km 240, locales 1 & 2, módulo B, 77780 QR, Mexico

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7:00 to 21:00 Saturday to Sunday: 7:00 to 20:00

Xel-Ha Water Sports Park e-ticket.

If you think Xel-Ha is not enough to play, you can also choose a one-day combination tour. Not only can you enjoy snorkeling in Xel-Ha, but you can also admire the ruins of the ancient city.

Seaside Mayan Ruins Tulum Ancient City, Xel-Ha Snorkeling Park Day Tour

In addition, there is also the ancient city of Tulum. Enjoy the only Mayan ruins built by the sea: the ancient city of Tulum. Use the azure blue of the Caribbean coast and the mysteries of the Mayan ruins as your backdrop to take pictures.

Explore – a paradise for natural jungle explorers

Xplor is mainly an outdoor project and is the most physically demanding of the three theme parks. It’s more like an adventure here, full of excitement and surprises.

Although Xplor is more inclined to jungle adventure, there are also good places for snorkeling. There are many underground caves in Xplor, and many snorkeling enthusiasts take equipment to go deep into the caves and enjoy the fun of diving.

Recommended snorkeling projects

Underground cave sliding raft (Balsas): In the underground cave, sit on a raft and row out by yourself. You can also plunge into the water by paddling, and pushing the raft forward under the water.

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