Is Natural Soap Better than Normal Soap?

Soap is a product used by many that helps to wash away the dirt and impurities on the skin. Not much thought is really put into purchasing soap from a shop. But look at this from a different perspective: soap is something that is used every day that seeps into each pore of the body. When you think of it this way it can get you thinking if the ingredients in the soap are good enough.

There are so many soaps available in the market and the two major distinguishments are regular soap and organic soap. A bar of regular soap is made of detergents and chemical emulsifiers that are harsh on one’s skin.


As mentioned earlier, a bar of regular soap is nothing but detergent mixed with fragrance. For a soap to create lather, sulfate must be used and sulfate is very harsh on the skin leading to dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, and pH imbalance.

An organic soap on the other hand is made with natural oils such as jojoba, hemp seed, and coconut, etc. This is gentle on the skin and protects the skin from further damage. These oils also have the ability to seep into the pores and purify your skin from within by removing the toxins.


Organic soaps are more sustainable and are environmentally friendly. Without the use of chemicals in the production and lesser discharge of chemicals in water bodies, organic soaps are less polluting in comparison with regular soap.

Regular soap factories usually have a factory set up and the waste discharge is often released into the water bodies causing a disruption in the ecosystem. There are many cases of water pollution due to the chemical and toxins discharged into water bodies

If you are a responsible consumer, who takes the environment into consideration before you buy something then natural soaps that are organic and eco-friendly are the pick for you. Organic soaps have sustainable production practices, consumers should also consume sustainably. There are many brands that are package conscious and avoid plastic packaging.

Good For Your Skin

Because of the composition, organic soaps are safer for you to use compared to regular soaps. Organic soaps are packed with natural goodness and they also offer visible effective results on the skin. There are a variety of options to choose from depending on your skin concern. There are also different formulations and customizations available to suit your skin type and concern.

Supports the Local Market

Unlike regular branded soaps that have huge industries and factories, organic soaps are not industrially manufactured. They typically are produced a small production unit or a local business. This makes it more ethical and consumer responsible. By supporting local and small businesses, you are not just helping to establish the local economy, but will be guaranteeing sustainable trade practices in terms of fuel use and local shipping.

There are many brands that are producing organic and natural soap. Natural soaps keep in mind the responsibility it has towards the consumer and more importantly the environment. Remember the pointers the next time you look for soap and take a conscious step towards sustainable skincare.

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