Is Foam Good for Mens and Womens Steamer Wetsuits?

Consider purchasing your own wetsuit even before you are the proud owner of your first board or kite. It could be a steamer wetsuit for men or ladies. It’s good to have a personal wetsuit for water activities even though we can always rent surfing or steaming equipment. For hygiene reasons, wearing your steamer wetsuit is a smart idea. You must accept that the most comfortable option is not to wear someone else’s overalls, which are designed to fit tightly around the body.

The temperature of the water and air where we plan to steam or surf heavily influences whether we choose a mens steamer wetsuit or a womens steamer wetsuit. Even in the summer, it can be challenging to survive in our climate without at least a lightweight steamer wetsuit with short sleeves or legs. even more so if we intend to swim against greater winds. A good, thick foam can therefore extend the season by a few more months! The most crucial stage in putting together your watersport’s equipment should therefore be purchasing a womens steamer wetsuit or a mens steamer wetsuit. S2AS has good options that you can try out. 

Foam in steamer wetsuits

A wetsuit’s primary function is to keep the steamer’s body warm. This is because neoprene, a unique material from which both womens and mens steamer wetsuits are made, is used in their construction. The neoprene mens steamer wetsuit’s rubber construction enables it to absorb water slightly yet prevents it from evaporating. The body and foam are then separated by a very thin layer of water, which gradually warms our temperature and preserves thermal comfort. Womens steamer wetsuit will be warmer if it is thicker, consisting of more layers of fabric, and has tighter seams.

Is foam good for steamer wetsuits?

Short and long steamer wetsuits are the two fundamental kinds that both mens and womens steamer wetsuits fall under. brief foams Jumpsuits with short sleeves and legs are referred to as “short wetsuits.” Such foam has a thickness range of about 2 mm. It is a fantastic choice for hot summer days when we only need a little protection from the cold. Sleeves and legs are already at full length on long wetsuits. Short wetsuits are often thinner and less warm than this category of mens and womens steamer wetsuits. We may be attracted by a short wetsuit if our watersports excursion will only last a few days during the warm summer months by the sea. A lengthy wetsuit will be necessary if we intend to take our swimming more seriously. Steamer wetsuits for men or women that mix the characteristics of these two fundamental varieties are also highly well-liked, such as those with long legs and short sleeves.

Thickness of steamer wetsuit

Your womens steamer wetsuit’s thickness is the primary factor affecting the foam’s thermal qualities. In the descriptions of your mens steamer wetsuit, you’ll frequently see measurements like 2 mm, 4/3 mm, 6/5 mm, etc. Mens steamer wetsuits typically have materials of varied thicknesses, while womens steamer wetsuits are typically composed of materials of one thickness (for example, 2 mm). For instance, the value 5/4 mm designates that the sleeves and legs of the steamer wetsuit are constructed of a thinner 4 mm material than the torso, which is 5 mm thick.

Size of steamer wetsuit

Even top-of-the-line mens or womens steamer wetsuits are available for purchase. It will be worse than a much more expensive but better-fitting one if we don’t pick the correct size for our mens or womens steamer wetsuit, though! The right womens or mens steamer wetsuit should conform snugly to the body without impeding movement. There can be no slack in it so there will only be cold water left in these locations. Your womens steamer wetsuit needs to be in touch with your skin for the foam to heat up. The modern good mens steamer wetsuit is comprised of incredibly flexible materials that offer remarkable freedom of movement while still adhering flawlessly to the body.

It is always advised to tryyour steamer wetsuit in person before making any decision. Check the sizing chart provided by the foam maker carefully if purchasing from an internet retailer.

Types of steamer wetsuit

Both mens and womens steamer wetsuits are sewn in separate cuts, just like any other type of clothing. Always examine who the suit is meant for because there are no universal steamer wetsuits for either men or women. The way the zipper is sewn is another crucial component of a steamer wetsuit’s construction. Here, we differentiate:

  • The suit is extremely simple to put on because of the sewn-in zippers, but it has less mobility and poorer thermal properties.
  • On-the-chest zippers may need some gymnastics to put on, but they offer far more flexibility and insulation from the cold.

An excellent mens steamer wetsuit for a chilly day used to require a rubberized coating on the entire exterior. Since it is completely shielded from the cooling wind but at the cost of a very obvious restriction on freedom of movement. These mens or womens rubber-coated neoprene steamer wetsuits aren’t very flexible. Modern womens and mens steamer wetsuits are made of foam construction technology, which confines the rubberized sections to the body part. Jersey-like fabrics are used for the remainder. The unique coatings incorporated between the neoprene layers are what give current steamer wetsuits their enchantment. Considering that neoprene can perfectly warm our bodies when participating in water sports. These wetsuits are not only incredibly flexible but also quite warm. Their great sensitivity to damage is another factor contributing to the decline in popularity of several wetsuit manufacturers.

How to take care of steamer wetsuit foam?

Mens steamer wetsuits must be cared for properly if we want them to last us for several seasons. Here are some helpful tips:

  • The neoprene structure of your steamer wetsuit will be destroyed if you dry it in the sun.
  • Avoid leaving the steamer wetsuit on a hanger for an extended time as this can damage the foam’s seams.
  • Only rinse with cold water after each swim since warm water might weaken the bonding of the seams on your mens or womens steamer wetsuit.
  • After swimming, do not place a wet steamer wetsuit in a corner and wait for it to dry naturally; you will more likely have an unpleasant fragrance than complete drying.
  • Mens or womens steamer wetsuit foam is best dried by hanging it over a thicker string or bar.

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