Is Energi (NRG) The Next 100X Crypto?

The first mentions of digital money appeared back in 1983, but they remained on paper until 2008 when Bitcoin entered the market. Since then, thousands of coins have been established. Not all of them turned out to be strong enough to keep the ground in the highly competitive market. ButStill, the number of cryptocurrencies remains impressive: only CoinMarketCap alone provides statistics on several thousand coins daily. Currently, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $2 trillion. The world’s top cryptocurrencies have a daily turnover of $4 billion. Given this variety, it may be difficult to make profitable investment decisions. However experts say some altcoins have fair chances to bring good profits. Let us have a look at the ENERGI coin and its prospects.


The Energy project was launched in 2017 by the Energi Core company, registered in the British Virgin Islands. Nobody knows the true names of its founders. The only known fact is that the company’s CEO is a blogger under the pseudonym Tommy World Power. He supported the project on his own with no outer financing or ICO.

NGR was launched in 2018 as a Proof-of-Stake coin that successfully combines smart contracts, self-funding algorithms, and independent governance.

Energi coin issuance is its primary funding mechanism designed to fuel its growth. With regard to development status, Energi now uses an Ethereum-based codebase. Energi has taken over all of Ethereum’s existing capabilities in addition to the company’s exclusively organized treasury and governance setup. These two features are aimed to significantly expand NRG growth and adoption.

ENERGy Coin in Figures

These are the most important parameters of the NRG coin for the moment the article was written:

  • Current NRG price – USD 3.17. If you change BTC to NRG, note that 1 NRG is 0.00005947 BTC;
  • NRG market capitalization is USD 126 621 196;
  • Daily trading volume on exchanges is USD 974 447;
  • Coin supply is NRG 39 913 789.

The ENERGI coin is traded on top crypto exchanges, and there is no maximum supply limit.

How to Earn with NRG?

In February 2019, the developer stopped the possibility of mining NRG coins. The users can still get cryptocurrency by maintaining a masternode. The process of installing it is specified on the official website of the company. Masternode holders must meet certain requirements:

  • You should have an active Energy Core wallet;
  • There should be at least 1,000 NRG coins on the account;
  • You should use a private VPS server available 24/7;
  • You must have a dedicated IP address for VPS.

Every month, the system produces one million NRG. 10% of this quantity goes to shareholders, 10% is given to Energi Backbone, 40% goes to the treasury, and 40% is distributed between masternodes.

The company gives out 400,000 NRG to masternode holders on a monthly basis. Then, these coins will be distributed evenly among the number of masternodes in the network. In 2019, there were 233 nodes in the Energi network, which brought their owners 1,716 NRG coins per month ($1,098). In 2020, the company reserves were NRG 4.7 million (valued at over $10 million at that time). It represented a very reliable model in the industry.

How to Determine the Project in Which It Is Worth Investing?

All people are usually looking at the list of top cryptocurrencies to make investments. Сoins with high capitalization and liquidity and several-year history are traditionally considered to be the favorites of crypto investors. Sometimes, less known coins can bring even better returns.

When selecting a cryptocurrency, find and study all the information about it and take into account the following indicators that may give an idea of ​​the further prospects of cryptocurrency:

  • Market capitalization. It will give you an idea of its position against other coins and the share in the total market value of cryptocurrencies;
  • Community of followers and developers. When a coin has a strong and developed community, it is a good sign of the excellent potential for the project;
  • Newsfeed. Successful projects will interact with the media and, thus, increase the credibility in their cryptocurrency;
  • Expert opinions on the reputable economic resources dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Since the beginning of 2020, many cryptocurrencies have shown stunning growth. Some minor coins will surely catch up with this tendency.

Wrapping up

The Energi cryptocurrency looks like a great project. The developers carried out technical implementation of it using the experience of such well-known coins like Ether and Dash. Thanks to it, the NRG coin has good performance indicators and reliability, which is financially confirmed. There are many reasons to assume that NRG’s popularity will grow in the upcoming years. Energi’s goal is to build a strong self-funded system that will eventually evolve into a profitable smart contract platform. In this respect, this coin is a great investment opportunity for the near future.

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