How to Transform Your Home from Boring to Memorable on a Fixed Budget

There are a million and one ways to decorate and style a home, but the choices you make will probably depend on your budget. When there is less money to spend, it’s easy to fall back on generic furniture and style choices. After all, the minimalist look never goes out of fashion and who doesn’t love Ikea furniture, right?

While there isn’t anything wrong with this approach, it can make a home look a bit…boring. Boring is fine if you’re staying in a hotel for one night, but when it’s your home, you want it to reflect you and your personality.

Read on for some tips to help make that happen.

Ditch the Neutrals

Neutrals are defined as beige, grey, and everything in between. Lots of homes have neutral color schemes because they are safe and unoffensive, plus neutral walls go with everything. But they’re also deeply boring!

Don’t be afraid of color and pattern. Strong colors are vibrant and exciting, even colors like red and emerald green. If you’re not quite ready for a living room painted in crimson red, choose a more muted tone, such as terracotta or yellow ochre. Go with colors that make you happy, colors you enjoy.

Patterns are also fun and exciting. There are some wonderful wallpapers out there. If you find a pattern you love, but it’s expensive, paper one wall only and paint the rest of the room in a shade picked from the pattern.

Look for Quirky Furniture

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and to suit any budget. Something gold-plated might not be in your budget (and would be hideous anyway), but it’s worth looking out for quirky pieces, like odd-shaped coffee tables, that stand out from the usual generic stuff.

Don’t feel as if every item must follow a theme or match. It’s easy to fall into the trap whereby everything is made from the same materials or comes from the same store (e.g., Ikea). Instead, mix and match. For example, if you want some comfortable dining room chairs, don’t assume you need a complete set that matches the table. Shop for non-matching chairs or go with new chairs and a vintage table.

Invest in Original Artwork

Plain walls are boring. They don’t reveal anything about you or your likes/dislikes. Every picture and photo you hang on your walls tell a story. That photo of you and the gang in Thailand says you have traveled the world, experienced new cultures, and you’re a fun person. The painting of a sunflower you found at an art fair says you love bright things.

The best artwork is a painting, print, or drawing that speaks to your soul. Look for pieces you love. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Visit art fairs and collect art from local artists. You never know – that person might be famous one day!

Be adventurous and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. That’s the best way to design a non-boring home.

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