How to make your Thanksgiving fun and worth remembering?

A friendly reminder to start preparing for your Thanksgiving festivities as it’s just around the corner. When you think of Thanksgiving your mind gets filled with thoughts related to delicious meals, winter parties, cozy sittings, waves of laughter, and love. And why not thanksgiving is our favorite holiday (after Christmas) for a reason. It’s filled with positivity and celebration.

It is all about gratitude, celebrating the harvest, celebrating life, family, and the blessings of the past year. Many people start planning it a long time ahead so that their thanksgiving day could be unique and exciting for themselves and all the family and friends that are coming over to celebrate.

But if you haven’t planned your Thanksgiving yet, then we are here to save the day. We’re listing down some simple, unique yet helpful ideas to spice up your Thanksgiving festivities:

Plan a movie night with your loved ones

Forget about watching football. This year plan a movie night with your loved ones after the Thanksgiving dinner. You can get amazing options to watch with Spectrum Select Package as it has 200+ channels and thousands of on-demand movies and TV show titles to watch. Along with cable TV, the Gold package also offers high-speed internet and a home phone, if you’re looking for bundling options.

So without thinking a lot about the option of where to watch from and what to watch, simply get your gold package subscription and you’re all set to throw a fancy movie night. Pick a Thanksgiving classic like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or Garfield’s Thanksgiving, set a cozy ambiance, put on a projector screen if you want to go big, and pop some popcorns. A little extra effort and you’re all set to make your Thanksgiving a memorable one forever.

Set themed invitations

Anything exclusive makes people feel special. Design special invitation cards for your Thanksgiving party. Get special graphic designs for your cards from the internet but end up writing small invitation notes in your handwriting. It will add a personal touch to your invites.

Set a theme for your party that everyone must follow. Try to make the theme as basic and witty as it could be. For example, ‘Ugly Sweaters ‘is your theme and everyone is allowed to pull out the ugliest sweater in their closet without feeling ashamed about wearing it. It’s always cool to follow themes right? You can also hold an Ugly Sweater Contest. 

Give a prize to the one wearing the ugliest sweater among all. The whole purpose of your theme should be to let people be as candid as they could. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures for memories.

Prepare delicious thanksgiving meals

Is it even Thanksgiving without a table full of mouthwatering dishes? Bake some buns, dinner rolls, make beans, perfect mashed potatoes, greens, and how can we not talk about roasted Turkey! The list can go on and on but the Thanksgiving special meals won’t end.

Take unique table setting tips from the internet. Pinterest is a great source to take inspiration from. You can also lookup recipes, video tutorials, and cooking show to make your traditional dish more playful and presentable to see on the Thanksgiving dinner table.

 Don’t forget to follow your meals with a dessert. Add in a nice variety of desserts including classic Pumpkin Pies (because it is fall and official pumpkin season), Braided Apple Pies, Sweet potato pie, and Carrot cake.

Play Thanksgiving family games

No holiday season is complete without playing the most absurd games with your family. So let’s not skip this tradition this time too. You can create your own games and fun activities to enjoy with your family or play classic games like 

  • Thanksgiving bingo
  • Mad-Libs
  • Turkey Tic-Tac-toe
  • Thanksgiving charades 
  • Thanksgiving Pictionary
  • Roll a Turkey 
  • Skittle gratitude games and a lot more. 

These games are perfect for kids as well as adults making them the best choice for families to play together on the happy occasion of Thanksgiving. 

You can get hundreds of more ideas from Pinterest or your trusted friend Google. Set a fun penalty for the loser like washing dishes or cleaning around the house and a reward for the winning party to keep the game spirits high. If you are celebrating virtually then check out the Zoom version of online games to play with your family for Thanksgiving.

Make DIY Thanksgiving decorations

Unleash your crafty side by preparing DIY Thanksgiving decorations. Involve your kids and members of the family to help you with making decorations. Take ideas from Pinterest, YouTube or you can even look up on Instagram to see how your favorite celebrities are planning their festivities.

Design more thoughtful things like a family tree or thanksgiving notes and messages board. As the whole essence of gratitude and giving thanks should remain in the air. If you decided on a theme for your thanksgiving party, prepare your decorations according to that. Make sure to use red or orange ink to keep the fall spirits alive.

Wrapping it up:

Thanksgiving has a special vibe of positivity and gratitude attached to it. You can make it a memorable holiday for you and your family only by putting a little thought and effort into it. Just by implementing these few tips you and your family will get a chance to be thankful for all the blessings, for getting through tough times like pandemics, being healthy, and cherishing life for what it is.

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