How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card: The Complete Guide

Patients must meet one or more criteria on a pre-approved list of medical illnesses to qualify for a medicinal marijuana card. This includes physical diseases like cancer and mental conditions like anxiety or PTSD.

The evaluating physician will enter the patient’s prescription into the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. Then, the patient can purchase low-THC cannabis products that can be ingested orally.

What is a Medical Marijuana Card?

In Texas, a medical marijuana card connects you with a qualified physician trained to evaluate your symptoms and prescribe cannabis as an option for treatment. During your first appointment, you’ll meet with the physician for 15 minutes and discuss any issues related to your qualifying health condition. The physician will then fill out a form and recommend that you start medical marijuana treatment. Once the recommendation is complete, the physician will upload it to CURT, the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas so that you can access local dispensaries.

Unlike many states, Texas doesn’t require renewing your weed prescription annually. However, physicians must follow up with patients 2 or 4 times a year depending on medical needs and the severity of their qualifying health condition.

Another unique aspect of the program is that it only allows you to purchase low-dose THC medicinal marijuana. This means cannabis must contain less than 1% THC to be legal in Texas. Most medicinal cannabis is found in tinctures and lozenges because smoking it is still illegal.

While the state of Texas has a relatively new medical cannabis program, many people are still unfamiliar with the process. Some people are also confused about which conditions qualify for a medical marijuana prescription in the state.

How do I get a Medical Marijuana Card in Texas?

The first step is to determine if you have a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Texas. You can do this by speaking with one of our physicians or filling out our short application. If you are approved to use cannabis to treat your condition, the physician will register you with CURT (Compassionate Use Registry of Texas) over the phone or online.

When you are registered with CURT, your information will be verified by all medical dispensaries in the state. You can then purchase low THC/high CBD products at those dispensaries. You are only allowed to possess a certain amount of the product, which is illegal to smoke. It is also against the law to grow marijuana plants at home.

If you are under 18, a legal guardian can apply for your medical marijuana card in Texas. It is also important to re-certify annually to keep your card active. They will notify you when your certification expires, and we can help you set up a renewal consultation.

The quickest way to get started with a medical marijuana prescription in Texas is by scheduling an appointment with our 420 doctors. They have a large network of physicians across the state qualified to evaluate and prescribe medical marijuana for patients with qualifying conditions.

How do I get a Medical Marijuana Prescription in Texas?

Obtaining a medical marijuana prescription in Texas begins with an evaluation by a physician registered with the state’s Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. This doctor will evaluate the patient’s symptoms and decide if cannabis is an acceptable course of treatment.

The doctor will consider the patient’s medical background and current state of health throughout the appointment. Then, they will address any queries or worries the patient may have. If the physician believes cannabis can help alleviate their patient’s symptoms, they will issue a medical marijuana recommendation.

Once patients receive their medical marijuana prescription, they must present it at a licensed dispensary to purchase cannabis products. The dispensary will verify the patient’s information and approve them to buy cannabis. The patient must be a permanent resident of Texas and have been diagnosed with one of the illnesses recognized by the state. A legal guardian of a patient under 18 must be present at the dispensary.

It is important to note that it is illegal to possess more than seven grams of marijuana in the state of Texas, and only low-THC cannabis can be purchased legally. Moreover, smoking marijuana is also illegal in the state, and patients can only consume cannabis orally through products such as oils.

Where can I get a Medical Marijuana Prescription in Texas?

Texans with qualifying conditions can obtain medical marijuana in the state by getting a physician’s prescription. A physician must conclude that the benefits of cannabis outweigh the risks and provide proof of a valid diagnosis. Patients must also be a Texas residents and have documentation to prove it (state ID, driver’s license, or any other document showing your name and address). Children under 18 can only receive cannabis through a legal guardian.

Getting a medical marijuana prescription in Texas is straightforward. Once your doctor confirms your qualifying condition, they will enter your information into the CURT system, short for Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. Once registered, you can visit a licensed dispensary and purchase low-dose THC products. The only thing you can’t do is smoke marijuana, as it remains illegal under federal law.

While recreational marijuana is not currently legal in Texas, it may become so. In the meantime, several dispensaries can sell you weed if you have a prescription from a qualified physician.

The best way to get a medical marijuana prescription is to contact a state-approved doctor. Our doctors are experienced in treating various conditions and can quickly assess your eligibility for the program

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