How to Choose the Right Man the First Time Around: A Guide for Successful Women

The key to a loving relationship—and getting happily married for years—is dating the right guy.

That said, more women find that their dating lives are getting harder by the day. Instead of landing the right partner, they end up getting heartbroken over and over again.

While this fact may get in the way of your self-confidence, it shouldn’t. With the help of Evan Marc Katz, the top dating coach for women, you can land your dream relationship right away.

How to Improve Your Dating Life, According to the Best Dating Coach for Women

Dating can be tricky, but you can navigate through its murky waters. All you need to do is follow the four actionable tips below:

One-on-One Advice 1: Single Women Should Pick a Man Who Takes Responsibility

When you’re dating people, you find yourself disregarding their bad qualities. It’s understandable—you want your romantic relationships to last.

Unfortunately, it will get you nowhere.

If you want a love story that lasts, you need to choose a man who takes responsibility for his action.

You don’t want a guy to blame his poor decisions on his work, family, or worse, you.

The differences or his unpreparedness for marriage are red flags, so be careful!

Actual/Online Dating Advice 2: Cheating is a Big No-No for Men and Women

Cheating should never be an excuse. Such is especially the case if the dating process is coming to an end.

For some men, the anxiety, sadness, or frustration of a crumbling relationship pushes them over the edge. Even so, cheating on the opposite sex is never the solution.

You may be rationalizing that he only did it once. Well, there’s a possibility he’ll do it again. He might even be sneakier.

Some women unwittingly find their men on online dating sites, liking and texting others. They might tell you it isn’t getting in the way of your serious relationship, but it does.

So if you want to succeed in your love life, the internationally recognised dating coach has this to say: don’t fall for a man who cheats. You want a guy with integrity—the marriage material type.

Relationship Coach Tip 3: It’s All About Character

In his years of teaching women, Evan Marc Katz has always been keen on one thing: looking at the man’s character.

The good thing is it won’t take you too long to see this.

Character manifests in as short 2-3 months. You don’t need to stay for long to see your man’s nature once and for all.

So how do you measure it, anyway? According to dating coaches, you can gauge a man’s character if he’s:

  • Consistent

While you could spend your entire life teaching men, it’s all for naught if he’s not consistent.

In other words, does he do what he says and says what he does?

Sadly, inconsistency is quite common in the dating world. It’s just like when he promised to call you tomorrow, but he didn’t.

Be wary of this personal transformation if you’re looking to get it right the first time.

  • Mindful of Your Happiness

In the modern dating scene, you’ll usually see casual daters who care nothing about others. But if you want a guy serious with dating and relationships, you should weed out your prospects.

Unfortunately, most high-achieving women opt to turn a blind eye because they’re professional athletes, lawyers, or doctors.

That said, the key to lasting relationships is choosing a guy who cares about your happiness, self-esteem, and personal growth.

  • A Good Communicator

Good communication is vital, according to male dating coach Evan Marc Katz.

You want a guy with a positive attitude towards conversations. If he’s resistant to talk about things—even the small ones—it’s bound to be a problem soon.

Relationship Coaching Tip 4: Don’t Just Rely on Your Gut Feeling

Some men who meet women rush into love and dating because they feel a spark—a gut feeling you can’t explain.

And while it can make them feel like they’re dating the one, it’s not always the case.

According to certified life coach Evan Marc Katz, this feeling can turn out for the worse.

Because you feel this spark, you allow the other person to walk over you. Even if he’s showing a lot of red flags, you disregard it because he’s giving you the butterflies.

Final Thoughts from a Love Coach

Whether you’re using local dating apps or the biggest online dating platform, you need to be discerning.

If you keep on failing to meet your relationship goals, maybe it’s time for you to seek a relationship expert like Evan Marc Katz.

With his renowned coaching approach, Evan Marc Katz can help you build your self-awareness so you can have a happier dating and relationship life.

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