How Can I Write an Essay Reflecting on a Quote? What Expressions Should I Use?

Tutors often ask students to write an essay reflecting on a particular quote. When you get such an assignment, you should know it requires an in-depth analysis that the passage entails. You must dig deeper to find the meaning of the quote before you embark on the writing process. Since essays derived from quotes are pretty challenging, you can hire skilled assignment writers to help you compose well-researched documents.

However, these assignments are not similar. Your tutor might give you the prompt to analyze a quote, or you can choose from several excerpts. Another option you can get is to identify your excerpt and analyze its significance. Sometimes, you will have to use the first person narration if you discuss the quote and its impact on your life. But, other times, you will compose a passage as an expository essay relating it to the broader society. Whatever the case, you must follow the required academic writing standards as Grade miners experts always advise. It is paramount to know the direction of such assignments because your tutor can surprise you with this essay.

Let us explore some of the tips you can use to write an exceptional essay reflecting on a quote.

Pick Your Quote Wisely

If your assignment requires you to select a quote, take time to pick a good one. Ensure you choose a familiar reference. It could be from an article or a book you have read. Knowing the passage will give you an upper hand during your composition. In addition, go for a famous excerpt from influential people. It will be easy for you to source background information on your assignment.

Cite The Quote

Another vital aspect of tackling your assignment is to cite the quote. When introducing your essay, you must first state an interesting fact about the passage in question. Let your readers know the source, and then write it word-for-word. You can then interpret the excerpt in your own words and inform the audience of the main points that you will explain in the paper.

Place Quote In Context

This section is critical when dealing with such an assignment because you need to understand how to insert the excerpt in the essay context.

Here are some of the expressions you can use when introducing a quote:

  • Explains
  • Argues
  • Concludes
  • Suggests
  • Insists
  • Claims
  • Reveals
  • States
  • Demonstrates

Placing your quotation within a proper context helps the audience to comprehend your thoughts. While many students might find it problematic to strengthen their research, they can get back on track with a bit of professional help.

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Analyze Meaning

Since each person has a different interpretation of a particular passage, you must be careful about your thought presentation. If the citation seems evident to many people, be sure to capture the correct meaning. However, if it has multiple meanings, you can include them in your assignment. Your audience will know that you have conducted an in-depth analysis to develop the interpretations.

Explore The Relevance

Here, you must consult with your tutor on whether you can incorporate the first-person narration in your assignment. It is imperative to identify the quote’s relevance on a personal level. Has it invoked deep thoughts? Or does it have any implications in your life? Capture these aspects in your assignment and discuss the ideas in detail.

However, if your assignment is an expository type of writing, you should discuss the excerpt relating to society. Take a broader perspective and explain its impact or relevance in the modern world.

Don’t Refuse From Using Quotes

When you get an assignment to reflect a quotation, ensure you are familiar with it. If not, research extensively to get relevant facts. Having background information will help you develop your arguments logically to make your assignment more credible. Moreover, citations always test your writing skills, and you will prove yourself to your professor by using relevant expressions.

However, picking a quote that does not align with the research question is a huge mistake. If you are unsure about the excerpt, ask your tutor for guidance. You might also plagiarize your assignment with the wrong citations.

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