Hair Care: 5 Simple Ways To Bring Your Curly Hair Back To Life

If you’ve been blessed with curly hair, good for you! Many women would love to be in your position, with so many scrambling on to have semi-permanent hair curls done. But if you one day wake up and realize that your curls are no longer as wavy and curly as they used to be, it can be a bummer. This is especially true when your hair has lost its elasticity or has stayed straight, limp, and without any proper definition.

If your curly hair has suddenly lost its natural curls and energy and is falling flat, don’t worry because you aren’t alone. Many others have gone through that problem as well, that’s why there’s an abundance of ways to bring your curly hair back to life. Here are some of them:

  1. Switch Your Shampoo

Because your goal is to repair your damaged, natural curls, you may want to change your usual shampoo. Change it to a restorative and clarifying shampoo, among the many clean curly hair products you can use. Be mindful also of the following tips when choosing a brand-new shampoo to use:

  • Read the ingredients list and avoid phthalates as these could hurt your hair’s chemistry and also affect your hair’s natural curly pattern;
  • Look for a shampoo with antimicrobial properties, so it can further prevent the buildup of dirt and grime;
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo as sulfates make it even drier and more damaged than it already is.

  1. Don’t Shampoo Too Much

In connection with the first tip above, you also have to draw the line between what’s acceptable in terms of how often you should shampoo your hair and what’s already too much. The problem with over-shampooing is you could be stripping your curls of their natural moisture. In effect, your naturally curly hair will become more prone to damage.

If there are days when you can skip washing and shampooing your hair, kindly do so for optimal hair care.

  1. Eliminate The Source Of Damage

Your pursuit to restore your curly hair will never be enough if all you do is solve the problem as it is. A better approach is to have a permanent solution such that you’ll never lose your hair’s natural curls again. Think of what you’ve been doing to your hair lately that led to its condition. By doing so, you can eliminate the problem right from the core. 

Hair Care: 5 Simple Ways To Bring Your Curly Hair Back To Life

For instance, you’ve identified that it’s your usage of heat products that contributed to your hair losing its curls. Hence, consider minimizing your use of heat-styling tools. Otherwise, the problem may just keep on going on over and over again.

  1. Use A Hair Mask Regularly

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of using a hair mask yet, you may want to start using it as a part of your hair care and skincare routine. Using one weekly is sufficient already for this purpose, but if you can use it twice a week, then that’s even better.

Using a hair mask can give your hair that extra moisture it needs, so you can protect it from frizz. To give your dying curls more boost, leaving the hair mask on overnight can provide extra nourishment.

  1. Embrace The Wash And Go Lifestyle

The wash and go lifestyle means that as soon as you’ve washed your hair, you consider it good to go. You no longer have to go through the extra step of applying heat to your hair to dry it or even style it. Give it a break from all those hair tools, and save it for special occasions.

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The more that you give your hair all the time to dry naturally and let its natural beauty be exposed, the healthier it’ll be. When your hair does get unruly, what you can do instead is to tie it in a bun or keep it clamped.


Your naturally curly hair is a must-have. But like straight hair, curly hair can succumb to its death as well. Between having split ends, dry and frizzy hair, and all the damage you may have caused through regular hair treatments, it’s not surprising that your hair will eventually fall short of its usual glory. When this happens, you want to bring it more life without added fuss. Consider the tips above, and you’ll eventually have your beautiful curly hair back.

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