Gumball 3000 Rally: Celebrity Racers

Gumball 3000 is widely popular and is known for its all-day and all-night celebrations and supercars which are driven by celebrity drivers. It is a luxury sport for people who dream about having supercars and driving them from one end to the other without any rules. 

Ignition recently announced itself to be the official sponsor of the Gumball 3000 and because of this Gumball 3000 slot at Ignition has been made available for all the gamblers. This adds to the reputation and popularity of slot games as well as the Gumball rally.

Although the Gumball 3000 Rally started on a negative note, since it used to be an underground illegal battle, it has occupied a larger portion of the entertainment section in the world and has made its mark on people as well. It not only fulfills the dream of people to drive luxury cars at top-notch speed but also is a kind of a social event that raises funds for the communities who cannot afford to live even a normal life. 

All of these reasons have made it a very popular event and celebrities also take part in order to help the fundraising go even higher and help the needy. Along with the help, they get to enjoy and live their dream as well.

The Celebrity Racers, Partners, and Performers

Talking about the celebrity racers at Gumball 3000 Rally, it is a purely decorated sport with high luxury facilities and arrangements. The biggest and the most celebrity of all is the one who started this ecstatic rally, Maximilian Cooper who is an ex-model, an entrepreneur, and a supercar fanatic. His wife, Eve, who also has won a Grammy, comes second in the line of famous celebrity racers. Next in line comes the very famous legend of Bay Watch, David H., followed by the most popular EDM DJ Deadmau5 and Green.

The rally does not only consist of celebrity racers but also celebrity performers who lift the rally to a more grand level. It all starts with the launch wherein there is a huge dinner party and the most famous DJs are invited to perform and make the crowd and people taking part feel ecstatic. Then there is the rally which is a rule-free drive from one end to the other at the top-notch speed. Then comes the farewell, wherein the celebrities and the DJs perform and entertain everyone.

Since this event majorly focuses on raising funds for charity, there also are partners who work for the same and collect decent funds for social welfare. They keep a track of the amount being collected which then can be used for all the low-funded startups and other communities that need funds. The charity is not only for the participants, but those who are the spectators or fans of Gumball 3000, can definitely donate to this and make their contribution to society.

There also are many event partners who sponsor the rally in order to make it a big hit. Some of them are Kappa, Hot Wheels, Whistle Pig, and many more. All these are well-established companies that invest in the Gumball Rally to make it a successful event and to gain popularity for themselves as well.

Just the mere presence of the celebrities at the rally is not enough. It is just useless if there are no media partners who would air it and show it to the world. The rally of adventure needs to be shared through all the social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram, and others. For this, partners like JWW, Shmee 150, and many others are there. 


The Gumball 3000 Rally is basically a luxury rally done for the Foundation in the name of Gumball 3000 which is a non-profit foundation made in order to fund the projects of communities having a low income. The celebrities, by taking part in the rally, not only enjoy and entertain themselves but also become a part of this amazing initiative. All the partner companies, sponsors, and social media partners add a great deal to this event. They help in making this rally a big hit and raising a decent enough amount to help the communities who have low income and are backward. 

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