Gifts That Look Much More Expensive Than They Are 

Gift giving is an art, and there are a lot of things that might look like they cost a pretty penny but aren’t actually that pricey. Beyond shopping from sales and keeping an eye on the best deals online, there’s a lot you can do. 

Small businesses are popping up everywhere with premium services at bargain prices so they can compete in their industries, and things like subscription box services and gift baskets don’t cost an arm and a leg. You can even find cheap flower delivery services all over your city that will deliver quality bouquets to your loved ones at a fraction of the expected cost. One other recommended service you can also check.

If you want to know more about all these suggestions, keep reading! 

Gift Baskets 

Instead of buying an overpriced gift basket of chocolates and snacks from a gift store, make one at home. Not only will you be in charge of all the things that go into it, but you’ll also be able to control the cost. 

Pick a theme like a bake day or a movie night, and get to work. For friends who don’t have a subscription to a streaming service, for example, your gift basket can contain a cute card with the username and password for your netflix account, and much more. 

If you want to be extravagant, you can go as far as including a pair of cozy pyjamas in the basket, but if you’re trying to save money, some wine and snacks will do the Japanese. 

Now comes the part that drives up the value – wrap all this up creatively and use ribbons, cutouts, and any other decorative elements that would make it look like you got this gift basket made from one of the best places in the city. Adding flowers to the basket or accompanying them with a bouquet only sweetens the deal.

Subscription Services 

We talked a lot about subscription services at the start of this article, and now you’ll find more about them. There are subscription box services popping up all over the world for people who are interested in one thing or the other, like services for coffee lovers and avid book readers. 

For that fashionista friend or that makeup junkie, a subscription box service that delivers quality products at their doorstep is an amazing present. 

And the best part? Most of the items delivered in their boxes usually cost more if you buy them individually. 

Customized Clothes 

Customized clothes and accessories don’t come cheap, but with a little creativity and skill, you can make your own at home for your friends. 

You can either tie and dye t shirts or a dress, add gems and other items to alter a dress and recreate a more expensive style, embroider some beautiful pattern on a top for them, or even modify a store bought basic t shirt to look beautiful and totally their style. If you have the time, you can even knit them something. 

Art Supplies 

Not only are art supplies a great present for any budding artist, but couple them with a coloring book and they’re a great present for anyone who’s looking for ways to de-stress and help with their anxiety.

Repetitive and calming activities are a great kind of therapy, which is why your loved ones will love getting art supplies or paint sets for their birthdays and other special occasions. 

Beauty Products 

Gone are the days when beauty products were also the most expensive. Now, new beauty brands and even older companies are focusing on being more accessible and inclusive. A sharp decline in the buying power of most of their consumers thanks to the pandemic also has prices for beauty products dropping, and you’ll be able to find a lot of new products that are both affordable and amazing. 

Support Someone They Love Online 

A lot of people these days have a favorite artist or influencer that they love, and most of these people have merch and products on their store that your loved one will love to have. Not only are most of these products super economical, but you’ll also be supporting someone that they love – win win! 

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