George Clooney: all the curiosities about the Hollywood star

For film lovers, George Clooney would be a familiar name, and so would be his face. Clooney is an award-winning actor and director also known for his business endeavors. He seems to be a Jack of all trades, famous for his appearance and abundance of charisma, and has significantly risen to the top of the Hollywood food chain. He is one of the most sensational stars in Hollywood and proves himself worthy of the title. Here are some curiosities about him.

George Clooney’s achievements

Like any other renowned actor, George Clooney has had an equitable share of success at the academy awards. Throughout his career, he has earned eight academy award nominations. He won two nominations; From the film Syriana as Best Supporting Actor in 2005 and co-producer of best picture winner Argo in 2012.

Having won the Oscar twice, he got an Oscar distinction as the first actor nominated in six different categories. It clearly shows that he is undoubtedly one of the most reputable film professionals.

George Clooney is known as the world Casino gambler.

George Clooney has played casino games his entire life. His passion is so tremendous that he doesn’t restrict himself to placing bets on physical casinos and online sites like with tremendous rewards. He had a chance with Nicole Kidman, worth $10000, not to get married again.

The games were the inspiration for the movie Molly’s Game, which became a massive hit. He likes it so much that in 2005, he did a project to open a casino in Las Vegas, but the plan did not work out in the end.

The acting was not George’s first choice

With his father being a well-known journalist, Clooney followed in his footsteps. He studied broadcast journalism in college before dropping out.

Unlike many people who aspire to get into the spotlight and live in the enchantment that comes with it, acting wasn’t George’s first choice. He initially desired to play baseball professionally. Clooney did try out for the Cincinnati Reds though it didn’t succeed. It is safe to say that even though he was unlucky at striking the ball, his acting business was a great success.

George co-owned a tequila brand

George was a co-founder of a tequila brand that he sold for $1 Billion. The actor eventually invested $600000 in the new company.  It is one of his multiple business ventures. It is proof that, without a doubt, he is successful not only in acting as we all know but also in different endeavors.

George Clooney is an activist

Besides being a Hollywood star, George has done humanitarian work and political activist.

In April 2006, George spent days in Chad and Sudan creating the tv special ‘A journey to Dafur’ together with his father: which looks at refugees and demands for action. That year, he joined forces with Barrack Obama to denounce the Sudanese military’s actions During the conflicts in Darfur.

Later on, in 2007, he attained the Summit Peace Award from the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Rome. The UN announced George’s selection as a messenger of peace in 2008.

The actor initiated the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), aimed to monitor armed activity for signs of renewed civil war between South Sudan and Sudan. They recognize mass atrocities along the border.

In March 2012, Clooney got arrested for civil disobedience during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC. He has been a significant part of restoring peace in the African country of Sudan.

George on Vogue cover

In June 2000, George became the second man to appear on Vogue’s cover after Richard Gere.

He appeared on the front cover together with Gisele Bundchen. In 2005 he posed for the first issue of Men’s vogue.

Having featured on the Vogue cover is unmistakable evidence of how he has won the hearts of several women with his good looks.

George’s popular family

Apart from George’s father, Nick Clooney, a former game show host and an anchorman, Nina Bruce, his mother, was a former beauty pageant queen. From his extended family, actresses and songsters Rosemary Clooney and Betty Clooney were his aunts. In this case, being in the limelight was not new to him.

George’s love life

George met his current wife, Amal Clooney, and married in September 2014. They welcomed their twins in June 2017.

Before Amal, he was married to Talia Balsam in 1989 but got divorced three years later. From then onwards, he was labeled a bachelor and perceived for his disinterest in marriage. Throughout this phase, and as his reputation increased, he was in a relationship with numerous high-profile women. The narrative was eventually changed when he got married.

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