Garena Undawn Guide: Best Things to Purchase In-game

For an open-world apocalyptic game, it is important for you to obtain and complete all items and resources that can help you face all the challenges you face in every step of your journey. From simple and basic items to gears and weapons, it is crucial to have everything set before starting a new day ahead.

However, obtaining the previously mentioned items to ensure your survivability will require you to spend a dime or two. Garena Undawn RC, the in-game currency, is used to buy important stuff in the store. To have a good amount of this currency, you can top up Undawn Garena through this site.

That being said, we want to help you spend your Undawn RC wisely and efficiently by showing you the best purchase in the store.

Survival Pass

Just like any other game, whether it is mobile or not, Battle Pass also exists in Undawn game. Here, it is called the Survival Pass. As you probably know, the Survival Pass changes every season and all players can obtain items that are under the free slots of the Survival Pass. This is the very reason why some of the players prefer not to buy the Survival Pass because of the free rewards.

However, among all the things you can purchase inside the game, Survival Pass is one of the most worth it. Upon purchasing the Survival Pass, you can earn Glory Points that will allow you to claim some impressive items such as cosmetics, Talent Points, and a great amount of RC. In fact, completing the Survival Pass gives you a total of 650 RC.

Perks Section

In some seasons and events, the store features a good bundle under the Perks Section. When there are offers under this, it is guaranteed that it offers a great amount of value relative to how much you are to spend.

Supply Card

The Supply Cards are other items that you can buy in the store. There are two types of Supply Cards that you can choose from—the Weekly Supply Card and the Monthly Supply Card.

Both of these Supply Cards grant you coupons and RC. The coupons that you can get from these can be used to buy some armor plates and other upgrade materials for your equipment. So if you are certain that you can log in to the game each day without missing a single day, then this could be one of the best purchases that you can have.

Great Value Section

Once you think you have enough or extra Undawn RC, you can head over to the Great Value Section where you can see the items that you can buy using your Undawn RC. Most of the items here are offered at a low price. But even though they are cheap, make sure to be wise in buying. You can choose items that can help you increase your in-game rating.

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