Everything you need to know about loose dresses – your new wardrobe hero!

Who has never experienced a stressful situation, when you’re running late and still can’t figure out your outfit? Probably everyone. But this is where the new trendy loose dresses might save you! This absolute must-have in your wardrobe can be styled with anything, and a variety of styles allows you to find the ultimate fit just for you. This type of dress is perfect for any occasion, any weather and any body type – this is what makes it so popular. But it might be complicated to make your choice in the multitude of options. Here’s a little guide to help you in the selection of your loose dress.

How to choose your style?

While choosing a dress it is important to take into account many aspects.

  • Fabric: the most important part is for sure the fabric. Do you want your dress to be lightweight and floaty? You should consider cotton or viscose ones, and especially the ones with lace details. For winter and autumn, wool is probably the best choice, although you can match your dress with cardigans or sweaters to make them warmer.
  • Color: black suits everything and everyone but you should also try something new and take a look at the trending colors of the season, which are now yellow, orange and pink.
  • Pattern: eye-catching designs make these types of dress even more interesting. Will it be plain color, stripes, floral motives, polka dots or any other motive? You choose.
  • Design: the loose fit makes the dress very comfortable, but you can still opt for different variations. 

V-neck, straight, off-shoulder neckline, or even models with an open back; puff sleeves, no waist or belted ones, the choice is up to you.

Which length to choose?

  • Mini: loose dresses with this length are perfect for parties or as cocktail dresses. Sequin fabric or an open back makes this dress more festive.
  • Midi: this type would be perfect for summer time, especially for vacation in warm countries. But you can also wear more casual styles for office or everyday life.
  • Maxi: even if these ones seem to be less popular, they are perfect for formal events or for a night-out. You can totally wear a loose dress as a bridesmaid!

How to style loose dresses?

The best part of wearing a loose dress, is that you can style it with almost everything. Whether you choose to wear it with boots, sandals, sneakers or high-heels, it will still look just as amazing and effective. The color of your shoes can match the dress or you can try interesting combinations. The size of your bag doesn’t matter either: loose dresses look good with large bags as well as with small evening clutches. If you consider wearing a v-neck dress, a matching necklace would complete the look, along with some hoop earrings and bracelets. On colder days, loose dresses fit perfectly with a classic coat and a hat. 

The simplicity and comfort of a loose dress make it a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Now when you know all about them, you can find the perfect one for you on the website Shafa and create your perfect look.

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