Easy Ways to Get Around Paris While on Vacation

When we consider vacations with our loved ones, there is no place like Paris, one of the best loveable destinations worldwide for millions of people with sparkling lights, rich historical background, remarkable architecture, awesome cuisine, iconic art & museum, and great attractions.

Paris is a city that never grows old. But navigating the city’s streets and transportation can be difficult whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned visitor. 

However, a little pre-planning and some insight knowledge can save you time, and you can easily get around Paris during your trip. As for suggestions, this guide to Paris can be a helpful resource to travel around the city in various easy ways

1. Walking through Paris

Walking is the best way to explore Paris if you are a Hodophile. The magnificent sites are made for pedestrians. There are higher chances of missing out on amazing cafes, shops, markets, and visual parks while traveling by public transport. 

Walking in Paris is a fun way to pull over the veil from hidden gems in each neighborhood and learn a real sense of the city’s customs and culture.

2. Rent a Bike

Another great way to get around the city is cycling. It is easy to rent a bike as so many companies rent out bicycles. It is a good way to experience the outdoors at your own pace, and what is better than exercising while riding a bike?

3. By Train

Want to travel long distances? No worries, high-speed trains get you. It is more efficient, fast and makes it convenient transportation. It is an excellent option during crowded hours, cherishing a relaxed environment by logging into your HBO Max in France account and indulging in the latest blockbuster and original series on the platform.

4. Boat 

Yet another excellent way to visualize the city’s attractions from a unique perspective is taking a boat ride. Beautiful waterways are a gift to Paris, such as the Seine River is one of the most eye-catching rivers not to miss.

5. Taxis 

Traveling alone or with a group of friends and family taxis are more beneficial than other forms of transportation but more expensive than public transportation, especially for short trips. Paris is packed with taxis, so it is very easy to find them. A fun fact, if you speak French, you can bargain the price with the driver.

6. Bus 

Bus travel is a very popular mode of transportation for tourists and Parisians. Buses are the best choice if you’d rather adore the city outside the window than be confined in the metro. The bus system is broad and covers almost every corner of the city.

 Although buses work very well, it is essential to remember that there is usually a lot of traffic during rush hours, so any mishap can happen. Otherwise, buses in Paris have set up lanes for main roads, which makes them a fast and reliable option. Additionally, traveling by bus, you can enjoy scenic views as well.

7. Take the Tramway

In recent years, the tramway system has been expanded to make traveling easy for everyone. Clean, comfortable, and inexpensive transportation is ideal for everyone, but unfortunately, it is worthwhile for citizens as many tourists are not fans of it. It is considered perfect for exploring the suburbs of Paris.

8. Ride-sharing Apps

With the advancement of everything, ride-sharing is becoming more convenient worldwide. Apps like Uber and Freenow, with 5-star ratings, are considered safe and are widely used in the city for short or long distances.

9. The RER 

The RER, a regional train network, has always been the first choice of Parisians or visitors for travel around Paris. As it serves Paris as well as its suburbs. Taking RER is best for places like Disneyland or Versailles, mainly outside the Paris city center.

10. Metro

Lastly, the metro system is well-connected and serves all the main tourist destinations. As it is also one of the most popular transportations for citizens and visitors, there are more than 300 stations with 219 kilometers of lines spread over the city. Easy to use and simple to get its tickets.


Getting around Paris might be difficult at first, but it will be easy and fun once you get familiar with the city’s surroundings. Therefore, whatever source of traveling you prefer walking, cycling, taking the metro or bus, or renting a taxi or boat, there is always something for everyone in Paris. 

Despite fearing you will get lost, keep exploring the city treasures and enjoying the moment. So plan your transportation needs beforehand because pre-planning will give you the best adventure you will experience in Paris like never before! And don’t forget to capture your trip on camera.

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