Easy Decorating Ideas you can do on a Budget

We always want to decorate or make changes in our house, but we do not do it because we think we need a lot of time and money for it. Well today is not the case. Take note!On this occasion, we present some practical ideas to decorate your home without the need to make large outlays:

1. A neutral base

It is a safe option to be able to add color and character through the details. Go for walls and sofas in light tones and leave the notes of color for the cushions, pictures, rugs and small accessories, the best is to choose idea of orange wall art. In addition, neutral zones or bases are the easiest (and cheapest) to renovate. One of the best tools to give coherence to an interior is the selection of the color palette. Choose between three and five shades and make sure to use them throughout the room in a balanced way. The result will surprise and please you.

2. How to decorate the center table

We like personal tables, unique, but orderly. Therefore, it is always better to bet on two large objects that understand each other, than to mix many small pieces. In this way, we will avoid a confusing and messy result. Some photography, fashion or art books that you like to browse, a natural bouquet or some trays, or your choice of tablecloths where you can group the different objects will be a sure hit.

3. The baskets, the great wild card

We love wicker baskets. And it is that these elements can fulfill two functions in one: decorate and store. It is impossible to deny the contribution they offer to the aesthetics of the home, giving the room a rustic and cozy air. And it is a logical sensation because natural fibers are used for it. But in addition, these wicker baskets are ideal for storing all kinds of things, among which are fashion magazines, which are always a decorative element on their own. Therefore, at the same time we decorate, the storage function is fulfilled.

4. Decorate with flowers

In the living room, creating three dots in green, whether through a plant or a flower, is essential, for example, on the side table, in the center table and on the mantelpiece. Of course, they must have a connecting link: it is important that they share the same flower or tonality.

5. Free space

Do not make the mistake of cramming the house with furniture and objects. Select the ones you like best and fit your DNA and get rid of the rest. Walking comfortably through your home without hitting yourself with angular pieces and giant ornaments, will make you have a harmonious decoration and will not tire you in the long run.

6. Dress the walls

Without overdoing it, it is worth hanging some pictures, old or original photographs that bring a creative touch to the house. Leaving the walls completely smooth and bare makes the environment more “dull”, cold and lifeless.


Painting the walls of the room with a gradient of two or more colors will give a modern touch to your home without risking too much. Try making a simple two-color gradient or dare to create drawings that give depth to the room with three or more tones.


Use sponges and utensils of different textures to paint the walls of the room to give your home a modern touch that combines with all kinds of styles, especially the industrial one. Silver, copper and other metallic colors are perfect for this type of paint.

Vinyl with drawings

Drawings are always another of the most striking options for painting walls, especially in children’s rooms. As with geometric figures, you can use a template or masking tape to create simple silhouettes and drawings. However, you can bring out your more artistic streak by creating authentic works of art on the walls and more abstract drawings. Drawings of trees, animals, and nature in general, are usually the most used.


If you are a creative person but drawing is not your thing, try painting the walls of your room with a message or with a quote from your favorite book or your initial. This type of technique is perfect for bedrooms, especially for the youngest in the house.

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