Driving in Winter: How to Cope with Unpredictable Road Conditions

Every driver who lives in an area where winter is not just the name of a period, but real frost, giant snowdrifts, and slippery roads, knows that you need to be especially careful while driving.

People who live in severe winter conditions, who need to wake up early in the morning to warm up the car engine and are forced to put on the warmest clothes to clear ice and snow from the car, envy those who rest or live in Dubai. Such people can use a luxury car hire Dubai and ride around the hot emirate without fear of frost and drifts on the road. Car rentals offer powerful supercars as well as stunning convertibles to enjoy driving on the roads of Dubai. Moreover, rental cars will cost you just a spot of cash.

At this time, it is especially difficult for novice drivers who have yet to understand what driving in the winter is. Even some experienced drivers find it difficult to cope with the control because the weather and nature are completely unpredictable.

Effective tips for beginners and experienced drivers

Use the help of the traction control system

Some drivers, due to ignorance or their forgetfulness, turn off the traction system, which can be especially useful in winter. The essence of such a system is to prevent the wheels from slipping on icy sections of roads, where not every driver can cope with the fact that the car can become uncontrollable due to a lack of road adherence.

Don’t skimp on snow tires

Every driver is well aware that owning a car is an expensive pleasure. In addition to buying a car, you have to spend money on keeping it in working condition. Moreover, you need to regularly wash and vacuum the car, as well as repair some worn-out auto parts.

Buying winter tires can also be expensive. Some drivers try to save as much as they can to cut costs. However, this decision may be the most incorrect. Using high-quality winter tires can save your life on the road.

Perform the maneuvers one by one

When driving in the summer, there is no doubt that the wheels of the car have a good grip. In this regard, drivers can enter turns and at the same time turn or pick up speed when the wheels of the car are not yet straight. However, in winter, performing several maneuvers at the same time can lead to the fact that you completely lose control of your car. Thus, you should alternately perform acceleration and deceleration maneuvers.

Increase your distance

At times when the asphalt is dry, the generally accepted distance between road users must be observed. However, when there is snow and ice on the pavement, it should be understood that the braking distance may take longer than usual. In this regard, it is recommended to leave 4 times more space between cars to avoid a collision. Such a collision may not be very traumatic, but you will damage your car and the one in front of you.

Get ready for the worst

On the road, anything can happen. You must be prepared for the fact that when going on a long trip, especially if the road does not lie in settlements, then you may get stuck or your car may break down. In addition, you may find that you will not be able to communicate with the outside world to call for help. In this regard, you must have a supply of necessary things. Stock up on non-perishable food, canisters of water and gasoline, warm clothes, a pump, a snow shovel, and a phone charger.


Driving in winter and driving in summer are two different things. At all times of the year, you need to be prepared and follow the rules, but in winter you should be especially careful on the roads. These tips will help to avoid accidents on the roads, as well as ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

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