Discover the benefits of dry cleaning carpet

If you have carpets at home, you’ve certainly been searching through internet search engines about how to find a professional carpet cleaning company or to clean carpet, and in fact some carpet cleaning tips are very valid, as they initially solve the problem. But in the long run, these miraculous carpet cleaning tricks can break down fabric fibers and cause even bigger nuisances like tears and mold.

There are currently two types of service for cleaning carpets, carpet washing and carpet dry cleaning. Each of them is suitable for different occasions and according to each client’s preference. Today, we will stick to dry carpet cleaning. Check out how this service is done, what its benefits are and how to hire it.


The accumulation of bacteria and fungi is inevitable at home, but those who live or work in places that have carpets need to be extra careful with their health, as carpets are places of great concentration of these microorganisms. Especially in the autumn and winter seasons, when there is a greater occurrence of allergic crises, the carpets need to be free of fungi and mites and dry carpet cleaning can completely remove them.

Conservation and enhancement of your home

Having a carpet with stains and dirt impregnated devalues the house. With the rush of everyday life, it’s natural that we don’t have so much time to do a heavy cleaning and with that the weaves of the carpet are increasingly lackluster and worn out. With professional carpet cleaning, you will have the shine and color of your carpet back in your home and your home will be more appreciated.

Care for the environment

The products used in dry cleaning of carpets, unlike what occurs in semi-dry carpet washing, do not harm the environment. Also, water usage is zero! An expert carpet cleaning is used to using these kinds of products.

How is carpet cleaning done

Dry carpet cleaning is done without any type of water and the carpet can be used normally right after the service has been carried out. In order to be able to perform the service with agility and precision, the good dry carpet laundries carry out an inspection at the service location.

On the scheduled day, the professional should spray a spray onto the carpet to ensure even the deepest dirt is removed. Then, acidic PH microsponges are applied to the fabric. The dirt removed by the spray clings to the micro sponges. With powerful machines and rotating brushes, the professional ensures that more dirt is removed and then uses a powerful vacuum system to eliminate any residue.

Tips for Hiring a Carpet Washing Company

The first thing you need to think about when hiring a dry carpet cleaning company is that you will be placing a stranger inside your home, so it is essential to research the company’s suitability. Look for referrals from past customers and do a search on customer relationship sites to analyze the quality of service and type of service provided.

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