Different ways for an artist to get more Spotify plays

The music industry has transformed over the years. From vinyl records to VHS cassettes to CDs and now to stream music on platforms, some believe the old ways were better, and some think it’s the new platform that works wonders. Using apps like Spotify and Apple Music, you can stream your music at any time and any place in the world.

Being an artist, releasing your music can help you gain confidence and get to know the music industry better. Through distribution services, you can have your music on all streaming platforms and have the world listen to your songs. 

In the beginning, it can be a new and challenging task to get people to listen to you and have Spotify plays on your song. Here are several ways that can help you promote your song better.

  • Understanding the Marketing/Promoting Strategy – It is important to understand the music market. It helps if you have a good and proper marketing strategy that will lead to more people listening to your songs on Spotify. A good artist profile, good description, and most importantly, a good quality song can take you places. You need to be in touch with bloggers and playlist curators who can add your song to the best Spotify playlists.
  • Your Social Media game – Through social media, you can promote your track on a much better scale. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat can help you in getting more plays on your song. Ensure that you let your followers know that your new song is out and available on all streaming platforms. You can also promote your track better by using paid advertisements on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Engaging with more artists – When you engage with more artists who are just like you, your networking becomes better, and you become a part of the music community. After this, more musicians will listen to your music, and they could contact you for collaborations. Collaborations are always beneficial since you will have more listeners for your song, thus increasing your Spotify plays.
  • Being Original – One of the most important things in music is to be different. When listeners hear or see something different, they connect with it. Take the opportunity to define yourself through your music. What makes you different from hundreds of other musicians out there? Why should people listen to you? You need to give the audience a reason to listen to you. Narrate a story through your discography.
  • Buying Spotify Plays – In today’s industry, you can buy Spotify plays. It can be hard to get many plays on your song at the beginning of your musical journey. For such reasons, you can kick start the process and buy Spotify plays from websites like Social Wick. You can certainly buy many likes for a particular payment from these websites, and they will instantly reach your Spotify Account. That leads to your Spotify plays going up by a large number, thus increasing your growth.

Being a Spotify Artist requires time, hard work, and, more importantly, consistency. These are some tips that will help you engage with your audience better and grow as an artist.

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