Different phases of the Rehab process

Rehabilitation treatments are designed to help people to overcome their addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. When a person gets enrolled in drug Rehab Austin treatment, they need to go through different phases throughout the treatment process. All these phases are interlinked with each other. For example, the resident is likely to attend Group Therapy sessions after the end of Detox treatment.

The initial days of treatment in drug Rehab Austin TX are completely focused on medical supervision. The following weeks include intensive treatment therapies, support meetings, and personal care. The intensity of treatment and therapies decreases with the progress of residents in the treatment program.

The main stages of Rehab treatment include:


It is the initial stage of Rehab treatment that includes the clearing of toxic substances from the body in a Safe and Secure Environment. Depending upon the type and severity of addiction, an individual may receive medication to deal with the relapse and withdrawal symptoms. The first few days of detoxification are quite difficult, but by the end of the week, a person starts to feel better. Some residents are also introduced to supplement the services and therapies near the end of detoxification.

Therapy sessions.

Most of the inpatient drug Rehab Austin TX facilities have therapy sessions in their Rehab treatment to help individuals in physical and mental recovery after quitting the drugs or alcohol. At this stage, a person is supposed to join the Group Therapy sessions, education classes, supplemental therapy meetings, meditation classes, exercise sessions, and other programming sessions.

Depending upon the severity of the addiction, the therapy sessions may last from 2 weeks to three or four months.


Aftercare the wide term refers to the nonmedical services provided by the Rehab facility once the treatment ends. Addiction is a disease, but recovery does not fully depend upon Medical Services. Once the treatment ends, a person requires social support, employment, sober housing to make sure that they continue to live without the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Drug Detox Austin helps the individual by suggesting the best aftercare treatment options available so the person can continue to live a sober life without worrying about withdrawal or relapse.

The best thing to do after completing the Rehab treatment is to join the sober living Austin facility. Sober living is a safe environment that confirms the success of the treatment. If a person goes back to their home after the Rehab treatment and continues to live in an environment where people use drugs or consume alcohol, there is a high chance that a person will fall back into the old habits again.

In the sober living facility, an individual gets a chance to live in a structured environment with the support of people who are in their early stages of recovery. These people support each other to continue living a sober life and work together to attend to the targeted goals. There are support groups and programs to help individuals to learn how to continue living a sober life and develop a strong support system.

The bottom line

These are the different stages of Rehab treatment. If you stay committed throughout the treatment process and get urgent care, you have an excellent chance of recovering from the addiction, and you can continue to live your life happily and soberly.

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