Developing Sales Funnel for Your Business: How to Do It Right

How Can You Develop an Effective Sales Funnel for Your Business?

Are you a small business owner trying to attract prospects to your business but can’t seem to do so? What you need is a Sales Funnel! In case you don’t know what that is, a sales funnel is how businesses convert their visitors into customers.

Once that is clear, the next big question is: How to develop the right funnel strategy for our business? The answer to this is as simple as walking into the Spectrum payment center to pay your bill or if you don’t want to go outside, you can simply Spectrum customer service 866 number for your needs. So, read on to get the answers to all your queries!

How Does a Sales Funnel Work?

To understand the working of a sales funnel, you first have to understand the different stages of a sales funnel through which your prospective customers will have to pass. A business student might remember this strategy by the acronym AIDA. Here is how AIDA works:

#1. Awareness

Awareness is the first stage of a sales funnel where the customer gets to know about your products or services. One’s own self does not necessarily create awareness for his business. Instead, techniques like tweets, testimonials, ads, and recommendations of a friend or family members also do the job.

#2. Interest

Awareness can lead the prospect into making a purchase from your business, but this is a rare sight. In more common cases, you will have to persuade the client to avail of your services. How to do that? Give them a solution to something, free advice, a valuable piece of information, anything that will show your expertise in the field.

#3. Decision

This is the stage where the customer decides whether to stay or leave. So, consider this the step where you make your best move. It could be anything from discount codes, exclusive deals, and even free shipment charges (this one works like a charm every time).

#4. Action

This stage is not solely dependent upon the customer but the marketer as well. While the customer gets to act upon whether or not to finalize their purchase, you as the marketer get to work on retaining the customer. This is a plus point for you because here, you can express your gratitude, make yourself available for tech support, and even ask them to sign up for your email newsletters.

Steps to Build an Effective Sales Funnel

All these stages work in harmony and have a profound impact on the customers’ behavior. So, now that you know of these steps, you are ready to learn the tactics to increase the number of people that move on from one stage to the next and ultimately till the last.

#1. Analyze Your Audiences’ Behavior

The foremost step is to identify your audience. Remember that your marketing is not for EVERYONE. You are investing only in those who have the potential to give you a fair return.

#2. Capture Their Attention

The next step is to lure your target into your business. This can be done through organic marketing. The use of infographics and videos in tweets, posts, ads, and other meaningful content can significantly help in this regard. Also, choose a suitable medium to advertise. If your potential audience is teenagers who spend most of their time on social media, you know how to reach out to them!

#3. Build a Landing Page

If the target stays hooked to your ad for more than 5 seconds, they have a high chance of developing interest in your products. And that is where you will apply your next strategy– your landing page. All you have to do is to make the process of landing on your website easier for them so that they get more indulged in steering towards the next step which is making a purchase.

#4. Keep In Touch with Your Leads

While gathering a new customer pool, don’t forget your existing ones. Instead, make them returning clients by thanking them for their purchases, offering them coupons, and discount codes. Have you understood the process of developing the right funnel strategy for your business? Surprise, surprise! The work doesn’t end here. There is one last step for you to follow:

#5. Keep Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

Even when your sales funnel starts converting visitors into customers, you should continue looking for more ways to optimize it. Evaluate each stage of your sales funnel, locate and focus on the stage where you are losing clients and work on improving that. And once you’ve done that, voila! Your business will start generating profit like crazy.


Want to know a fun fact? This whole post was a sales funnel itself! Notice how you stumbled upon the post. That was the first stage, the attention. Then you establish interest in the service which is by offering the solution to your problem. After that, you walked in and decided to examine the solutions. Now whether or not you apply these solutions to attract prospects to your business or not will be your action! Savvy, right? So, will you be implementing these techniques to pool prospective customers into your business?

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