How Much Is Chiara Ferragni Net Worth In 2021?

How Much Is Chiara Ferragni Net Worth?

Dizzying numbers for the national Chiara Ferragni who is part of the top ten of the highest-paid influencers in the world. But what exactly does the work of an influencer consist of? How much does Ferragni receive per month and per post? Let’s find out all the details together. Let’s move to Chiara Ferragni Net Worth, biography & lifestyle.

How much does Chiara Ferragni earn: the comparison with her colleague Chiara Biasi

We do not know exactly how much Ferragni earns, all we can do is rely on the number of followers and the statements of a colleague influencer. In this case, we are talking about Chiara Biasi, a former shipwrecked player, and companion of the footballer Simone Zaza

On the occasion of the Emigratis 3 program of Pio and Amedeo to the question: “how much do you earn per post” Simone Zaza replied: ten thousand euros. A dizzying figure if we think that Ferragni’s followers are 10 times those of Biasi. A Daily Telegraphranking last year, reported Huda Kattan, beauty blogger, in the first place, with earnings that were around 18 thousand dollars per post but with 21 million followers.

 However, this calculation is very approximate because it does not take into account sponsors and other proceeds that go directly to the influencers and which could also be counted on the number of posts they make or sponsor.

How much does Chiara Ferragni Net Worth?

We know that Ferragni’s turnover in 2014 was around 8 million euros. The vast majority of people are not yet clear what the work of an influencer is and usually summarize this category as those who “pose on a photo set”. Ferragni deals not only with fashion but above all, one of the sectors of our economy that most supports our trade balance. Just think that in 2015 alone all Italian fashion had a value close to 62 billion.

We can add to everything that, as far as ChiaChiara Ferragni Net Worth Ferragni is concerned, it is not very easy to manage an agenda made up of continuous galas and fashion shows where it is necessary to be present. 

In any case, it is an expense, we think quite huge, to maintain a “team” that provides everything needed to make the image of the most famous Italian influencer in the world clean, beautiful, and transparent. The question that perhaps we should ask ourselves is how much social networks have influenced daily life and how much the smart and more technological use, in this case of the influencer, is positively unbalanced in terms of earnings compared to a generic job.

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