Celebrities Who’ve Won Big at Online Casinos

Online casino gaming is the new normal for gamblers all over the world. Poland, for instance, is home to thousands of casinos that boast of a huge number of players. The rise in the online gaming space can be attributed to the convenience that comes with playing online compared to playing in the physical casino. Celebrities know this too well and have found comfort in online casinos, unlike physical ones. 

Most celebrities would want to have fun in the physical casino, but they fear being in the limelight. This is why they have adopted online casinos, and some have won great winnings in the process. According to our expert Klara Czerwinska (check her personal blog), here are celebrity gamblers that have won big at online casinos:

Celebrities playing at online casinos?

While some pay prefer to parade their lavish lifestyles accompanied by their entourage in land-based casinos. There are a select few who have been known to play behind the scenes if you can call it that. And they won crazy amounts at online platforms such as the Polish Boomerang Casino. Curious to find out who they are? Let’s find out, shall we?

Ray Romano

Top of the list of celebrities who won big at online casinos is Ray Romano. Ray Romano is a household name in the movie world as he has been a star in the famous tv series Everyone Loves Raymond. 

Ray Romano is among the best comedians and actors in the world. Not only is Ray a household name in comedy, but also blackjack and Poker. Ray Romano has been in the spotlight in poker tournaments, including the all-famous World Series of Poker. Ray is also a top fan of sports betting and has won various titles in the poker world.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is known for his role in starring in action movies and a big name in the online gaming industry through blackjack games. Among the most successful winning stories of Ben Affleck is the winning of the California State Poker Championship in 2004. The biggest win for the movie star was a whopping $800,000, which he won from playing blackjack. 

Affleck was rated among celebrities with gambling problems and a drinking problem where he couldn’t play without being intoxicated. At one time he gave $145,000 to fellow casino clients after a successful gaming night.

Michael Jordan

One of the household names in basketball is Michael Jordan. The celebrity has been termed by many as basketball GOAT,i.e. greatest of all time. Michael Jordan’s success may be attributed to his long basketball career as well as his legendary brand Jordan. 

The brand is among the world’s top-class clothing lines. His basketball career is attributed to leading his team Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships in the 90s.What most people do not know is that Michael Jordan was also a popular gambler with speculations running the airwaves that Michael Jordan was a gambling addict who even got into gambling debts. Michael Jordan is speculated to have won great winnings to the tune of several million from playing Poker.

James Wood 

James Wood is one of the world’s celebrated movie stars. The movie star is a world-renowned card player who doesn’t shy to proclaim his love for cards and is always on the lookout for the biggest blackjack wins. 

James was among the first celebrity players back in the day to come out and endorse celebrity poker. Hisfavorite casino back in the day was the Foxwoods Resort Casino, where he was a regular player. He later shifted his passion from physical casinos to online casinos. 

The actor was among the first Hollywood movie stars who endorsed Hollywood Poker. The online gaming platform was a safe place for Hollywood players to gamble for real money on select matches. James Wood winnings at the Poker table are thought to be in the tune of millions, thanks to the anonymity of the online casinos.

50 Cent

50 Cent is a household name in the hip-hop industry, being among the pioneers of the genre.50 Cent has continually revealed that he has a problem with gambling, claiming that he has always wanted to beat the casino but has been unsuccessful. 

He is known for placing crazy bets like a $500,000 bet in 2012 on New York Giants that they would beat the San Francisco 49ers. The celebrity has continued to win big on sports betting as he has a passion for boxing. 

Celebrities are attracted to online casinos because they can play in complete anonymity and earn huge winnings in the process.

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