What Are Non-Methylated Multi-Vitamins Used For?

What Are Non-Methylated Multi-Vitamins Used For

Since the release of active forms of vitamin B12 and folate in dietary supplements on the market, there has been a rising debate about methylated vs. non-methylated multi-vitamins. Some people choose methylated supplements over non-methylated ones and vice versa. However, the question is how both differ and what non-methylated multi-vitamins are used for. Please read … Read more


Your lifestyle choices have a considerably greater influence on your health than your genes do. Though the year is half-spent, 2022 is still an excellent time to start new habits that will benefit your well-being. If you’ve decided to start making healthy lifestyle changes this year, we are pleased to assist as always. Here are … Read more

Is Kratom Effective for Weight Loss?

weight loss apps can help you manage your weight healthily

Kratom is a new emerging name when it comes to weight loss supplements. It is effective and provides additional benefits to the user. Losing weight isn’t only equated with beauty. It is also associated with better health and lifestyle. Everyone should maintain a healthy weight to ensure that we will stay healthy for a longer … Read more