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The Create-a-Sim (CAS) mode in Sims 4 is where players get to design their own Sim, choosing everything from facial features to outfits. The mirrored background enhances the creative process. Here’s how you can change it:

  1. Start the Sims 4 game: Open your game and go to the main menu.
  2. Enter the CAS mode: Choose the option to create a new Sim or edit an existing one.
  3. Navigate to the mirror section: Here, you will find options for various mirror backgrounds.
  4. Select a new background: Browse through the list of backgrounds and choose the one you like.

Best Custom CAS Backgrounds for Sims 4 Mirror

While the game provides some preset backgrounds, many players prefer to use custom backgrounds. Some popular choices include:

Modern loft setting

Lush outdoor garden

Beach sunset view

  1. Dressing Rooms:
    • Luxurious dressing rooms with wardrobes, seating, and a large central mirror.
    • Chic boutiques or shops with a full-length mirror.
    • Modern walk-in closets with vanity lights.
  2. Salons or Beauty Parlors:
    • Hair and makeup salons with mirrored walls.
    • Vintage beauty parlors with ornate mirrors.
  3. Stages & Spotlight:
    • A background resembling a stage with a spotlight on the Sim, with mirrored walls on both sides to give a sense of depth and focus.
  4. Natural Settings with Reflective Surfaces:
    • Serene lakes or ponds where the water acts as a mirror.
    • A peaceful beach setting during sunset, where the wet sand reflects your Sim.

Sims 4 Mirror Mod for CAS Background

Mods have always been a significant part of the Sims community, and the mirror mod for CAS is no exception. This mod allows players to insert custom images as their CAS background, offering limitless customization options.

  1. Finding the Mirror CAS Background:
    • Websites like The Sims Resource (TSR), ModTheSims, and various Sims 4 CC Tumblr blogs are good places to start.
    • Search specifically for “CAS backgrounds” and look for ones that have a mirror or dressing room theme.
  2. Downloading and Installing:
    • Once you’ve found a mirror-themed CAS background you like, download the file. It will typically be in .package the format, but sometimes it could be in .zip or .rar which you’ll need to extract.
    • Move the .package file to your Sims 4 Mods folder. The default location is: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
    • Important: You can only have one CAS background in your Mods folder at a time. If you have another CAS background mod, you’ll need to remove it or replace it with the mirror-themed one.

How to Customize Dressing Room Mirror in Sims 4 CAS?

The dressing room mirror can be customized using the same method as the CAS background, but it specifically alters the mirror reflection.

Enter the CAS mode.

Navigate to the dressing room section.

Choose a custom mirror reflection.

  1. CAS Backgrounds:
    • One of the most popular customizations for the CAS screen is changing the background. This can give an impression of a different “mirror” or backdrop while you’re dressing and customizing your Sim.
    • Various creators have made CAS backgrounds that you can download and place in your Mods folder. Some may offer a background that looks like a dressing room with a fancy mirror or any other theme.
  2. Custom Content and Mods:
    • Custom content creators might produce items, such as more detailed mirrors or objects, that could theoretically appear in CAS if they were designed for it.
    • There are also mods that allow for different camera angles in CAS, which can give you a different perspective or view of your Sim, making it feel as if you’re adjusting the mirror.
  3. Using Pose Player for Enhanced CAS Imagery:
    • While not directly affecting the mirror, using the Pose Player mod in CAS can allow your Sim to strike different poses, as if they’re checking themselves out in a mirror after trying on a new outfit. This can enhance the feeling of being in a dressing room.
  4. Game Updates and Expansions:
    • Always keep an eye on official game updates, expansions, or stuff packs. EA and Maxis periodically release new content and features based on community feedback. It’s possible they could introduce more CAS customization options in the future.

Sims 4 Mirror Poses for Character Creation

Poses can bring your Sim to life. While in front of the mirror, there are unique poses like:

Checking out an outfit

Admiring a new hairstyle

Practicing facial expressions

  1. Getting Started with Pose Mods:
    • To start using custom poses, you’ll first need the Pose Player mod by Andrew’s Studio. You can find this essential mod on websites like “Sims 4 Studio”.
    • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Pose Player mod, you can start adding pose packs to your game.
  2. Finding Mirror Poses:
    • There are several creators in the Sims community who make specialized pose packs. For mirror poses specifically, you might need to search for them on popular Sims mod and custom content websites or forums.
    • Websites like ModTheSims, The Sims Resource, and various Sims 4 Tumblr blogs often feature pose packs created by the community.
  3. Installing the Poses:
    • Just like any other custom content or mod, once you’ve downloaded the desired pose pack, extract the files (if they’re zipped) and place them into your Mods folder.

How to Add Custom Content to Sims 4 CAS Furniture?

Custom content (CC) enhances the gameplay. To add CC:

Download CC from a trusted source.

Install it in your Sims 4 Mods folder.

Restart the game and navigate to CAS furniture.

Search for your new CC items.

  1. Find Reputable CC Sources: Start by visiting popular and trusted Sims custom content websites. Some popular sources include:
    • ModTheSims
    • The Sims Resource (TSR)
    • SimsDomination
    • Various Sims 4 CC Tumblr blogs
  2. Download the CC:
    • Browse the websites and find CAS furniture (or any other content) that you’d like to add.
    • Download the CC files. These will typically be in .package or .zip/..rar format.
  3. Extract Files (if necessary):
    • If the files are in .zip or .rar format, you’ll need to extract them using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.
    • Extract the files until you have the .package files.
  4. Locate Your Sims 4 Mods Folder:
    • The default location for the Mods folder on a Windows PC is: Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
    • For Mac users: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods

Tips for Creating Unique Sims 4 CAS Makeovers

To give your Sim a complete makeover:

Start with a fresh slate.

Experiment with different hairstyles and colors.

Mix and match outfits from different sets.

  1. Start Fresh: Begin with a clean slate. You can randomize a Sim or strip down their current look to basics. It will allow you to see potential rather than being influenced by their current appearance.
  2. Inspiration from Real Life: Look at celebrities, magazine photos, historical figures, or even people in your life. This can give you ideas on different makeup, hairstyles, and fashion combinations.
  3. Mix and Match Styles: Combine different styles for an eclectic look. Pair a punk hairstyle with classy attire or vintage makeup with modern clothing.
  4. Experiment with Colors: Sims 4 offers a plethora of colors for hair, makeup, and clothes. Don’t be afraid to give your Sim a vibrant hair color or mix contrasting shades.
  5. Accessories are Key: Accessories like hats, glasses, earrings, and necklaces can make a huge difference. A simple outfit can be transformed with the right piece of jewelry.
  6. Tattoos & Skin Details: Add freckles, scars, birthmarks, or tattoos. They can add depth to your Sim’s backstory and appearance.
  7. Layered Clothing: Use jackets over shirts or layered necklaces to give depth to an outfit. Even socks peeking out of boots can add a touch of uniqueness.
  8. Custom Content (CC): There’s a vast world of CC available that can provide unique hairstyles, makeup, clothes, and accessories. Sites like ModTheSims and The Sims Resource are great places to start.

How to Adjust Mirror Angles and Lighting in Sims 4 CAS?

Proper lighting can make or break your Sim’s look. Adjusting mirror angles can give different perspectives.

Choose the lighting option.

Adjust brightness, direction, and source.

Rotate the mirror to get the perfect angle.

  1. Mods & Custom Content: Keep an eye out for mods or custom content that might offer these adjustments. The Sims community is vibrant, and modders frequently update or introduce new modifications that can alter many aspects of the game. Websites like ModTheSims or TSR (The Sims Resource) are excellent resources.
  2. Lighting: In general gameplay, the placement of light sources (like lamps or ceiling lights) can influence how a Sim appears in a mirror. You can try placing lights around your Sim in live mode to see the changes. It might not be a direct influence on CAS, but it can help you visualize your Sim in various lighting conditions.
  3. In-game Mirror Variations: The Sims 4 offers different types of mirrors (wall-mounted, full-length, etc.). Depending on which one you choose and where you place it, your Sim might appear differently.

In conclusion,

the Sims 4 CAS offers vast customization options, especially when paired with mirrors. From backgrounds to animations, the possibilities are endless, allowing players to craft unique Sims every time. Dive into the world of CAS, and let your imagination run wild!

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