Best Personality Tests In Ranking Order

When it comes time to make decisions, people rely on a variety of different information sources. One of the most important factors is temperament—in other words, your personality. Your personality affects your attitude, values, and emotions, how you interact with the world around you, and even how long you live!

Knowing yourself is one step in knowing what makes you happy. Several tests are available that assess the different aspects of your personality. By taking these tests and analyzing their results, you can find out more about what makes your mind tick than ever before.

The following tests will assess everything from common sense skills to more complex cognitive thinking skills; they will measure everything from empathy levels to emotional stability as well.

Personality tests can be beneficial to you and everyone in your life. These trivia questions for kids type tests provide a deeper understanding of yourself and how you operate. They also give insight into who you could be if certain aspects of your personality were changed or developed further.

HIGH5 Test

HIGH5 is an online strengths test that makes it fast and easy to find out how to apply your talents. It’s the world’s first strengths test designed around the idea that people can do their best when they use their unique talents. In one online session you’ll delve into what makes you great. You’ll learn your top five talents, how to use them to tackle problems, and how they influence the way people think or feel about themselves.

Tests can be taken in 16 languages and take just 20 minutes each to complete. The test was developed by Professor Marcus Buckingham and Dr. Donald O CLifton of Gallup as well as other experts on talent development including psychologist Russ Hodge.

OPQ32 Personality Questionnaire

The OPQ32 is an extensive personality questionnaire that covers a variety of traits that are grouped into three categories: lower level characteristics (such as intelligence), middle-level (such as sociability)and higher level characteristics (such as self-esteem). Although originally created for use in clinical psychology, this online test is a good indicator of your personality. It has been translated into so many languages and takes about 20 minutes to complete.


The DiSC assessment is our most popular individual assessment tool. It measures four dimensions of personality that relate to one’s natural behavior in the workplace. The DiSC model can be used for management training, leadership development, sales training, conflict management, team-building, customer services and communication and job coaching.

DiSC is a unique and versatile assessment that helps you unlock your potential. With 28 easy to answer questions, DiSC provides you with information on how you can learn, develop and maximize your personal productivity level.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Test

Based on Carl Jung’s theories and developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, the MBTI is a test that measures your personality type. The test divides people into 16 categories based on four criteria: extroversion (how outgoing you are), introversion (how much you need alone time), sensing (how observant you are), intuition (how creative/imaginative you are).

The results of this personality quiz can help determine what career options might be right for you in addition to helping with family relationships. While it can be taken online for a small fee, there is also a free version that will give you the 16 personality types along with a detailed graph of your results!

The Flamingo Test – A Funny Personality Test

This test offers 100 questions in five different categories: intelligence (facts), artistic achievement, eating habits, sexual behavior (only for adults), and a catch-all that covers everything else. The result is an “animal” that is sort of like you. This personality test by XKZ will have a bit of fun with the results while showing your similarities or differences when compared to others who’ve taken the test.

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