Bayern Munich Cannot Find A Cheaper Lewandowski Alternative

Talk about scoring goals for fun, and there is one common name that almost everyone will mention. 33-year-old Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski has taken goalscoring to new heights in recent seasons, breaking records for fun, and hitting milestones at an astonishing rate,  despite his advancing years. The Bayern Munich striker has hit an astonishing 211 goals in 209 matches since the start of the 2018/19 campaign, exceptional numbers for any striker, even at the pomp of Ronaldo and Messi’s peak goalscoring years. Likewise, the numbers are quite telling for users of real money online pokies.

This season alone, he has scored 45 goals in 37 matches, including 12 in just 8 Champions League matches, and despite this astonishing goalscoring feat, there have been talk of him trying a new challenge, with reports linking him to Barcelona. He is currently in the middle of a contract stand-off with the Bavarian giants, as his current deal ends in the summer of 2023. He has a situation similar to that of Ronaldo in Real Madrid back in 2018, where the club felt that at 33, he was nearing the end of his career, and couldn’t give the numbers he had been giving in recent years, but he went on to prove them wrong, scoring 101 times in just 134 matches.

Lewandowski is asking for upwards of around £500k-a-week which has thrown the decision-makers of best uk online casinos and Bayern into a fix. For a player that’d be 34 this summer, but showing no signs of decline, does it make sense to invest such amounts of money into someone who has no resale value and probably has only 2 or 3 years left in him at the top level? However, for Bayern Munich, they must also consider that there won’t be a cheaper alternative to him, in terms of the sheer numbers he brings. The only advantage an alternative will have on him will be age.

The only players that can try to emulate Lewandowski are Mbappe and Haaland, who won’t come cheap. Bayern also doesn’t have a history of splurging such amounts on players, instead preferring to buy younger players and pay them within a fixed club wage structure, with performance-related bonuses as the incentive. Big decisions have to be made at the Allianz Arena this summer, and no one is envying them.

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