Are You in Need of a Wedding Suit? Consider These Factors

Even though it might sometimes seem like the bride receives the most of the attention on the wedding day, the groom deserves to be recognized as well. Consequently, here are a few points to keep in mind while making a wise option for the ideal stylish wedding suit.

  1. Colors to Suit

It is essential to have suits in various styles to accommodate various seasonal weddings and celebrations. To add some variety to your look, consider wearing the same suit from Oscar Hunt in many different colors. For a summer wedding, spice things up with a patterned gown such as herringbone, plaid, or houndstooth to bring a sense of individuality to the proceedings.

  1. Think about Fabric

People frequently link higher-quality and more expensive materials with heavier materials. Suits made of wool, worsted wool, or wool-blend wool are of excellent quality and retain their form over long periods. A linen suit is ideal for weddings held during the summer months since it is cool and breathable. If you’re on a tight budget, cotton and polyester suits are breathable to wear while maintaining a professional appearance.

  1. Accessorize Your Look

Choosing the right accessories for your outfit may be just as crucial as choosing a suit when it comes to infusing some individuality into an ensemble, so take your time to select the appropriate embellishments and make sure they complement your suit. Incorporating cuff links into your ensemble will elevate your style, while a patterned tie will stand out against a dark suit. A vibrant silk tie is great for bringing a burst of color to summer occasions such as weddings and parties.

  1. Consider the seasons

When selecting your suit, keep in mind the time of year that the event will occur. Try to find out what the theme will be if you’re a guest at a winter wedding so that you don’t clash with the other guests and groomsmen who will also be in attendance. On the other hand, a tweed suit has a more rustic appearance and feel. In the spring, a waistcoat is the ideal layering piece to keep you warm when the weather is uncertain.

  1. Buy your suit, if you can

Many men choose for wedding suit rentals, and they return the suit when the celebration is over. On the other hand, purchasing your suit has its advantages, the most significant of which is that you may retain it as a keepsake of your special day.

If you are a more practical person, purchasing your suit means that you will be able to wear it on other occasions in the future, such as your friends’ weddings. Even if you choose a less formal groom suit, you may combine the jacket and pants to create a variety of work-casual looks with them.

  1. Choose a classic ceremony suit

If purchasing a groom suit isn’t something that comes naturally to you, but you still want to possess one, choose a classic suit that you can wear for many years. Never go wrong with the black-tie wedding suit, which comprises a white dress shirt, a suit with bow tie, and black shoes for the occasion.


With all of the style guidelines in hand and Oscar Hunt’s aid regarding selecting the ideal groom suit, you won’t have to fret about making the wrong decision, which will let you relax and enjoy the grand occasion that is your wedding.

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