7+ Ways to Give Your Living Room an Indian Touch of Minimalism

Living rooms are like a beautiful story that unfolds itself with surprise, charm and joyous memories. A living room should be outfitted for a range of activities like the comfy sofa for family dinners, a good carpet for living room to play with the little ones, wall paintings for living room that inspire your inner self, and serene lighting to spread the warmth. 

However, decorating a large space like a living room can be a daunting task as you might go overboard with interiors and artefacts. Here is a simple guide that will help you glam up your living room with minimal home decor items that are both elegant and classy.

  1. Embrace Lighting 

 Introducing home décor items like lighting to your living room brings a welcoming and intimate vibe to the space along with highlighting your interiors. The best way to bring an instant transformation is by lighting it all up. There are multiple ways through which you can choose to light up your space such the table lamps, floor lamps, and desk lamps. The key to choosing perfect lighting is the size of the living room. For the larger spaces, exquisite floor lamps like the Alabama Floral Base Tall Floor Lamp are a blend of luxury and beauty but if your living room doesn’t have enough space then the antique table lamps like the Slick and Sleek Classic Stainless Steel Crystal Lamp are a good choice to bring a touch of elegance to your abode.

  1. Freshen it up with the greenery  

 Bring nature into your home by placing home décor items like indoor plants to usher in positivity and good vibes. Plants accentuate the overall look of the space to diffuse pure bliss and tranquillity. Apart from the aesthetic role, plants are also practically vital as they help to reduce indoor pollution which is harmful to health. Using modern and stylish home décor items like On-Trend Abstract Gold Planter is a trendy way of celebrating nature in all its glory. The contemporary design and the gold finish on the planter will give a touch of royalty and a splash of life to your living room. 

  1. Pick a classic rug

 The floors are the spaces in homes that cover up most of the area therefore it is important to decorate them with a lovely rug to create cohesive spaces. You can explore several varieties of carpet for living room that match the personality and theme of your abode. If you are a fan of nature-inspired themes then The Sky Full of Surprises Abstract Floor Rug with an amalgamation of vibrant colours and golden butterflies that will roll out nature for you. More into quirky patterns? Arian Geometric Floor Rug is one artistic beauty that screams style and modernity through its unique blend of creativity and splendid colours. Carpet for living room is a great way to add elegance and class. 

  1. Hang on eloquent Paintings  

 Refresh your walls by showcasing your personality through paintings. There are various kinds of wall paintings for living room that are available like the canvas prints and the handmade paintings that will elevate the looks of your walls along with adding a pop of colours. The Floral Ladies Framed Canvas Print is an extravagant piece that will add a tint of lively colors to your bare walls. If you love ethnic prints then Ancient India-inspired Framed Canvas Print with mesmerizing Rajasthani embroidery is an ideal pick as it will provide a traditional and royal look to your space. Travel-themed paintings like A Stroll in Paris is one stunning beauty that brings the essence of the beautiful city of Paris right to your wall. Wall painting for living room is a wonderful way to give your living room a breath of fresh air!

  1. Feature Timeless Souvenirs 

 Give an authentic regal look to your living room with the latest additions like vintage home décor items. Opulent Charm Antique Vase and Showpiece is a minimalist design in matte ivory that is all shades of beauty. Yogis in Paradise is another antique piece that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. One of the easiest transition options is always setting up nice corners and tables with distinctive and graceful showpieces like these. Place these pieces on the center table for living room with other lovely home décor items to elevate their designs.

  1. Add a Mirror (or two)

 Mirrors are the most loved home décor items by décor enthusiasts for their ability to create optical illusion of larger spaces and reflect colors in the room. They are durable, sustainable, and can be placed at almost all locations in your house. Laurel Asymmetric Wired Design Decorative Mirror is a statement piece for your eccentric inner self. If you want to add meaning to your walls then go for this dreamy Sunburst Wall Mirror that will illuminate your life like the sunshine. Home décor items like mirrors are always a great choice for the living room.

  1. Choose comfort 

 A cool living room is synonymous with everything comfortable and cosy. Add comfy lounge chairs like the Italian Pleated Accent Lounge Chair which is an absolute beauty and a premium leisure option. Pair it with one of the quintessential home décor items like the Three-legged Lake District Ottoman that will help your turn that bright corner in your living room into a productive reading space. Adding home décor items like the desk lamp to the wooden center table for living room can also turn the space into a mini workstation for you in no time.

  1. Let the statement piece shine 

It is important to add one unique home décor items that draw the attention of your visitors once they enter the living room. Metal wall art decor has all the potential to catch the eye of your guests as its subtle colours and intricate designs create a visual interest in the space. Seville Luscious Ivory and Gold Floral Metal Art is a charming mix of colours, luxury, and patterns. Need something similar for smaller walls in the living room? The Crescent Moon Metal Wall Art Panel will add the brilliance of the moon to your space. 

These were some of the top picks that will help you create a minimal yet beautiful living room. Home décor items like carpet for living room or center table for living room can elevate the overall look of the living room effortlessly. Now give the love that your living room deserves with these latest additions.

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