7 Fun DIY Projects to Do With Your Kids

Keeping your kids entertained is one of the most tedious things that you are required to do as a parent. Mostly because kids get bored very easily, and when they get bored they get cranky, and that is a parent’s worst nightmare. More often than not, as parents, we run out of ideas to keep the kids happy and occupied. We try to come up with activities like watching an animated movie or playing with a new toy that may help keep the kids entertained for a while.

When that does not help, we go online with the help of the reliable internet connection offered by Spectrum Packages, and see how other crafty moms and bloggers are keeping their kids engaged. One of the best things that you can do with your kids is get involved in a Do-It-Yourself project. This will not only keep them entertained for a long time but also help them gain confidence and skills that will help them later in life. Below-mentioned are some of the few DIY projects you can do with your kids:

  • Stitched Paper Card

Kids love giving cards to their loved ones that they made by themselves. A hand-stitched paper card not only gives them a sense of creativity but can also teach them new skills. All you need is some yarn, needle, card stock, and buttons. The best part about this project is that most of the supplies for it are already available at home. You just have to cut the shape that you want to stitch, punch a hole around the border of the shape, and stitch using a thread. You can even make it more appealing by adding a button on the cut-out shape. Make sure you supervise this project at all times, as the kids would be needles and threads in this one.

  • Paper Bag Monsters

All you need is a few paper bags, some paints, sketch pens, buttons, and ribbons to create some paper bag monsters that can aid with storytime. Let your kids use different things to create what they imagine. They can use buttons for eyes and ribbons for tongue or hair. This activity will put their creative skills to the test.

  • Painted Pebbles

Collect some pebbles from the yard or nearby park, clean them with a washcloth to get rid of all the dirt and bust out some acrylics and paint interesting things on them. It can be anything, from flowers, ladybugs, and fishes to fairies and butterflies. Once you are done, dry them off and allow kids to use them as decoration pieces in their rooms. You can also use one to add a pop of color to the living room.

  • Make A Birdfeeder

You can put your kids’ woodworking skills to a test, and build a birdfeeder with them for the yard. Get the tools from your nearest tool shop or order them online and get started. You may need to supervise this one at all times as well because you would be using tools like hammers and needles in this one.

  • Pom-Pom Bouquet

The most satisfying DIY activity is making pom-poms. Turn the soft, sponge-like balls of cotton into flowers for an everlasting bouquet. You can use a green pipe cleaner or a straw as the stem of the flower. Get the yarn to make the flower and attach them to the stems with super glue. In the end, wrap all stems together with a length of ribbon and there you have it, your pom-pom bouquet.

  • Drop Cloth Picnic Blanket

If you have a piece of drop cloth to spare, use it in your next DIY project to make a picnic blanket. Kids love to paint their initials and stripes or just about anything that strikes fancy on pieces of cloth that later can be turned into something useful. All you need is a canvas drop cloth and some fabric paint to create your kids’ soon-to-be favorite patio lounging blanket.

  • Flower Petal Change Bowel

If you want to get your and your kids’ hands dirty, you can use the oven-baked cake to make different useful things for the house like a change bowl. You can create one in the shape of a flower. First, make the large flower petals then the smaller flower petals, and push them onto the center of the large petals. In the end, bake what you have created to harden the clay. You can also make the best wood playhouse for your kids.

Wrapping Up

Do-It-Yourself projects and activities are the best way to keep the kids entertained. It not only engages the kids but also helps you bond with them as a family. You may end up discovering new things about their personality and also figure out what passion they may be more inclined towards in the future.

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