5 Ways To Get Your Enterprise Application Development On The Right Track

The success of a company is always measured in numbers. Reducing costs and increasing revenues are the main tasks of any business. Behind these tasks are people. Corporate mobile applications are able to increase the efficiency of employees, evaluate performance and optimize tasks and business processes.

Corporate mobile applications

Enterprise software development services are needed in order to optimize the business. This is the main task, which is carried out by introducing tools that increase efficiency. One has only to make a code scanner so that a company with a warehouse can automatically enter data and do it quickly. It is enough to create a chat so that employees in departments exchange information. And electronic documentation tools will allow you to fill in many fields automatically, which will speed up the work of managers.

The development of corporate applications allows you to make a tool that will become a full-fledged “employee” of the company. He does not get tired, does not need breaks and vacations, works without failures. It is an assistant for all departments of the company. And the introduction of additional tools increases efficiency, reduces costs and motivates employees.

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What is mobile app development?

First of all, these are the platforms that we use every day with our smartphones – Android and iOS, they occupy approximately 95% of the entire mobile device market. The rest goes to Linux, Windows, Symbian and other less popular platforms.

In addition to smartphones, we can also include tablets, electronic watches, fitness trackers, and a huge number of new gadgets, which appear more and more every year, for example, glasses with augmented reality and smart TV.

All these devices often also use our main 2 platforms, and applications for them can be attributed to mobile development.

What does a mobile app developer need to know? 

A mobile application developer, like any other programmer, must have both technical skills and personal qualities to successfully work in a team – soft skills. In this case, the following soft skills are needed:

  • Structural and analytical thinking;
  • Attentiveness;
  • perseverance;
  • Communication skills;
  • Creativity and creativity;
  • Willingness and ability to self-learn;
  • A responsibility.

You will have to sweat harder with technical skills, but using modern programming languages ​​that are used to develop mobile applications for Android or iOS, it is quite possible to create your first creation in a month. You can develop some simple games and even make a profit from them after monetization, but learning the profession of a mobile programmer is far from exhausted.

If you go to Google Play or the App Store, you will see that the majority of such applications, and especially in games (if you look closely, there will be 8 out of 10 such games).

A simple application can be created by every average developer, but in order not to remain in the ranks of the “average”, you will have to work hard to create something really interesting and original, and most importantly, of high quality.


To do this, the developer must know:

  • CSS and HTML, Cocoa/Xcode development environments, Objective-C/С++ programming languages, Java; HTTP, XML, principles of object-oriented programming, DBMS;
  • Knowledge of Android, iOS SDK, design patterns, common libraries and architecture of iOS, Android, scripting programming languages ​​(Ruby, Python), principles of client-server model of application interaction;
  • Knowledge of the requirements for application releases in the AppStore and Google Play;
  • Skills in working with Core Data (Apple’s proprietary local database, which is built like SQL) are in demand;
  • Ability to understand other people’s code;
  • Proficiency in technical English.

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