5 Tips for Efficient Furniture Removal

Furniture removal can be one of the most difficult and daunting tasks. However, you can prepare accordingly and make sure you can let go of everything smoothly. With our fantastic furniture removal tips, you will neither forget about anything. Should you find yourself unable to do the job yourself, we can highly recommend you to this company. Hiring a company for furniture removal ensures you the most worry-free experience with any furniture removal – be it a big or a small job.

Have a plan

First, you should draw up a plan and write down exactly which furniture you want to remove. Believe it or not, when people arrange a furniture removal they tend to forget about at least one. Sydney furniture removal would also give you the opportunity to do a major clean-out. If the furniture you plan to remove is a bulk item that currently holds a lot of stuff, be sure to remove it all first. Check if there’s anything among your stuff you could let go of now, too.

Make a list of each furniture item that has to go. It’s wise to put down additionally where that item is currently located. Hence, check each room in your home, including the attic, cellar, and garage, if there’s anything else that can go. Determine a timeframe until when all of it has to be gone.

Take measurements

Measure the size of your furniture and also the width of your door frames. If your furniture can’t fit through the doors, you may have to remove the frames to gain a few more inches in width. Should that not suffice, you will most likely have to disassemble the bulk items before they can go. Subsequently, count the steps, if there are any, and think about it how you’re going to haul out the furniture in that area. Needless to say, you will probably need the assistance of another person if there are steps involved. Alternatively, a professional junk removal would come around with a team and specialized equipment for such tricky areas.

Take measurements

Before you turn your old furniture to firewood…

It is never an advisable option as the fire could easily get out of control in an outside area. Moreover, if your furniture is not completely made of proper wood, it’d be a dangerous endeavor you could end up getting fined for. Therefore you have several options for your furniture removal. It’s best to create a clear outline of where which item is supposed to go.

  1. Make it a gift – Ask your friends and family if anyone could make use of the furniture you want to get out. Usually, there’s always at least one that’s been looking for a cabinet, for example. Someone else may have been looking for a new armchair.
  2. Arrange a garage sale – A garage sale is one of the greatest options even for furniture removals. However, you have to advertise for it about a week ahead. Also, consider that you’ll have to haul each item outside.
  3. Offer is for sale online – There are several platforms on which you can offer anything for sale. Try to offer it on craigslist, Kijiji, offerup.com, or on let go. It may involve some more effort on your side, such as taking pictures and adding measurements.
  4. Give it away – In order to avoid bringing furniture back inside that wasn’t sold at a garage sale, you could consider leaving it outside with a huge sign that says ‘for free’. There’s always someone who pops by, looks at it, and hauls it away with a friend or two. Alternatively, you could check your area for freecycle groups and offer your furniture online.
  5. Donate – Whatever you can’t seem to get rid of is always good to offer for a donation. Some charities, such as the Goodwill, would come around for free furniture removal.

Before you turn your old furniture to firewood

Do you still have unwanted furniture left?

Channel your creative side and upcycle your old furniture. Give it a new coat of paint or think out of the box and turn that chest of drawers into a wine bar. Often, yet alone some new paint does the job and you’ve got a completely different piece. You could change the upholstery of your old armchair and voila! Most people who buy used furniture online will do some upcycling themselves. Should you not have fallen in love with your new vintage furniture, you can still sell it. This time around there’s surely going to be someone who will take it. Plus, you can earn a few more bucks on top of it.

Last but not least…

You do have the option of arranging a furniture removal with a recycling site. They give you money for the furniture you’re letting go of. But be careful, that you end up with a plus as the furniture removal itself often costs around the same as what they’d offer to you. Alternatively, you can ask a professional furniture removal who would not only take care of the recycling. Pretty much every furniture removal service donates a huge amount of all the furniture they do pick up. They want to avoid creating more garbage and try to dump as little into a landfill as possible. If you’re planning a furniture removal, offer it as a gift to someone else first. Then you can try to sell it and donate whatever is left with you.

Final Words

After all, options have been exhausted, schedule a professional furniture removal. They have the equipment to haul out large pieces from the most difficult areas. All you need to do is to give them a call and arrange an appointment. You’ll only have to open the door for them if you didn’t put it all at the curb.

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