5 Things to Look For in Commercial Carpet Installers

Are your commercial carpets looking dulled and discolored? Ugly carpets could affect your brand’s reputation. With professional carpet installation services, you can refresh your office space to make a better impression. 

There are over 26,000 professionals employed in the carpet installer industry, though. Before choosing commercial carpet installers, search for these five qualities.

Use this guide to find the best installers in town today!

1. Experience

While there are over 26,000 carpet installation professionals in the US, some have more experience than others. Determine how long each installer has worked in the industry. Ask how many commercial carpets they’ve installed in that time.

A team that lacks experience is more likely to make a mistake when removing your old carpets. They might install your new carpet improperly.

Improper installation could affect the appearance of your commercial space. It could lead to slip and fall accidents, too.

Finding an experienced team can help you feel confident you’re investing in the right company. 

2. Credentials

Check each company’s credentials to ensure they’re licensed and insured.

An installer’s credentials can help you determine if they’re worthy of your trust. 

Determine what certifications each company has earned. They may have certifications through the International Certified Flooring Installers Association (CFI). These professionals have enhanced their skill sets through hands-on training.

Make sure each company has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

If the company isn’t insured or won’t provide proof of their credentials, consider it a red flag. An insured company will protect your best interests if there’s an accident. 

3. Reputation

Ask each installation company for three local references. Check online for company reviews as well. Look for a company that already has a glowing reputation. 

Reviews can help you find a company that prioritizes its customers.

If you find numerous negative online reviews, choose a different company.

4. Services

Determine what services and products each company offers. For example, do they allow you to choose between different types of carpet? Choose options that suit your company, industry, or aesthetic. 

Look for companies that provide carpet cleaning extractors. Teams with access to the best equipment will ensure more thorough results. 

5. Pricing

Ask more than one installation company for an estimate. Determine what’s included in their fees. Most companies will charge for materials and labor. 

Determine if the company offers a warranty. Ask what happens if you’re not satisfied with the results of their work. The company should return to resolve the issue.

If they don’t have a warranty, they likely don’t prioritize their customers. 

Hire Commercial Carpet Installers Today

Finding the best commercial carpet installers is easier than you might think. Look for a company with these factors in mind. Narrow down your options to find an experienced, qualified team. 

With their help, you can improve the appearance of your office in no time. 

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