5 Reasons Why Hiring a Licensed Electrician is Essential for Your Home

Working with electricity isn’t something that just anyone can do. It’s dangerous and can cause severe damage if not handled correctly.

Licensed electricians have extensive training and the proper knowledge to keep you safe. They are also backed by liability insurance should anything go wrong during a repair.

They’re Up to Code

Working with electricity is not something that should be taken lightly. Licensed electricians have undergone thousands of hours of training and operated under a mentor before becoming licensed. They know how to follow the proper safety guidelines when working on your home’s electrics.

Whether it’s rewiring your house or installing new lighting, a licensed electrician will be able to make sure everything is up to code and safe. This means that when you sell your home in the future, your rewiring will pass inspection and not put anyone who buys your home at risk of electrical fires or other hazards.

Homeowners often get into trouble when they work independently or hire someone not licensed to do their electrical work. They find out too late that their work isn’t up to code, or they made a mistake they can’t fix. If you hire a licensed electrician, they are held to a higher standard and must go through proceedings if they don’t complete the job correctly.

They’re Safe

While it may seem like a good idea to complete electrical work in your home to save money, hiring a licensed Sunnyvale electrician is much safer. Electricians are trained to follow proper safety practices when working with electricity, and they also have access to top-quality tools that can minimize the risk of damage to your property.

Additionally, any electrical work performed by a licensed professional will be up to code, which can help prevent future issues and make it easier for you to sell your home. In contrast, DIY wiring projects often result in faulty wiring that requires costly repairs later.

In addition, licensed electricians typically have a surety bond that protects you in the unlikely event that they cause harm to your property while performing electrical work. This is especially important for jobs that involve high-risk installations, such as solar panel installation. Fortunately, this is rare, as licensed electricians take the necessary precautions to ensure they’re safe and up to code.

They’re Fast

You can do some things around the home, but rewiring and electrical work is not one of them. Hiring a licensed electrician ensures the job is done correctly, safely, and efficiently. It also helps to avoid costly mistakes that could lead to property damage, fires, or staff injury.

Licensed electricians have undergone extensive training. They’ve spent thousands of hours as a trainee, working under the supervision of a qualified master electrician. This is a level of activity that most homeowners don’t have.

Trying to do electrical work without a license can be dangerous and time-consuming. You’ll need to apply for a permit and get it approved, which can take time and money. Licensed electricians save you this hassle by ensuring all the paperwork is handled, and their work will pass inspection the first time. They can also provide a written guarantee that their work is up to code. This can be helpful if you ever choose to sell your house.

They’re Affordable

Most electricians charge a minimum hourly fee for service calls, including consultations or estimates. It’s also possible that they may add additional charges as the job goes on, especially if complications arise or the job takes longer than expected. To avoid these surprises, do a walk-through of your home and ask for a fixed quote for the entire project.

When you’re remodeling your house, you’ll likely need new outlets or electrical panels. Licensed electricians can handle these complex installations and repairs at affordable prices.

Unlike the guy off the street who scrapes paint for a living, electricians have gone through extensive training to become certified professionals. Even if you’re renovating, having an electrician is essential to ensure your work is up to code and safe. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting shocked by a faulty outlet or paying a hefty insurance bill. Besides, showing that your electrical work is up to code will help you when you want to sell your home.

They’re Responsible

When you hire a licensed electrician, you can rest assured that they’ll do the job right the first time. This will save you money on supplies and tools that may not be used again, gas going to the store to return things or to buy more, and money spent repairing any accidental destruction of walls, wires, or other items in your home.

Licensed electricians must place a surety bond which ensures that they will be held accountable by the state’s electrical division for any work that is not up to code. This means that if an unlicensed electrician performs work and causes damage to your home, you can contact the state and follow legal proceedings.

Electrical problems can be expensive to repair, and one mistake could lead to a house fire that damages your entire property. Hiring a licensed electrician is the only way to guarantee that the wiring and installations in your home will be up to code and safe for you, your family, and your guests. Quality wiring will also increase the resale value of your home should you ever decide to move.

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